Say yes to chance, for our moments of brilliance and glory are born out of leaps of faith.

Say thank you to fear, for it is set in motion not to handicap you and your spirits, but to protect you.

Say I remember to grief, for it is through the hardest times in our life do we ever evolve into anything worthwhile.

Say hallelujah to joy, remember the moments of ecstatic happiness for they brighten our pasts and give us something to look forward to with each rising of the sun.

Say breathe to anxiety, for it is in moments of anxiety that unveil what we truly want. How much we want to achieve, be, love, go, stay, scares us. That is ok.

Say stay to courage, for it is with this mighty weapon are we able to slash the mighty monsters of self-doubt and abandonment.

Say dance to aching feet, knowing that your own body can create a beautiful masterpiece of rearranged air particles and golden sun rays.

Say love to once broken hearts, for it is always worth loving again.

Say listen to yourself when what your heart and what your head whisper do not match.

Say keep going to defeat, acknowledge the defeat for a moment, but press on, love.

Say no  to the can’ts, the won’ts, the shan’ts, the shouldn’ts, the couldn’ts, and the no’s.



Storm Clouds on the Horizon

When you wake and the sunshine is hiding behind the clouds, like a child behind her mother’s skirts, what do you do?

Do you make your own?

Crafting rays of sunlight calls for a few simple ingredients, often looked over and the most likely to be ignored.

Sunbeams calls for equal parts of  hope and delight, and, of course, a dash of laughter.

Take all ingredients and mix them with your arms open wide.

You can feel their warmth stirring, close to your heart. 

When there are storm clouds on the horizon, what do you do?

Do you hunker down for a while, protecting yourself?

Or, do you throw yourself into the wild dance of the rain and wind?

To decide, ask yourself, am I a force that even the cutting wind of a great, mystical force cannot move? 

Can I stand in fear and not be blown away?

Can I feel the rain soak the very core of my being until it feels as if it is pouring down on the inside of me?

Not rain in the sense, but rain-drop shaped disquietude.

Whatever your storm may be, the only account that will determine your victory or your defeat is your telling yourself that you can.

Simple and yet, the words so often get caught in your throat, like dry-swallowing a bitter pill.

When you do, the words I can flow over your tongue and grace your lips and twirl through the air creating magnificence. 

They wrap around your delicate being and serve as your armor.

can survive the storm clouds on the horizon.

And so can you.


keep dancing,

xx rachie

37 Reasons Why Everyday is My Day

Today is my day because I will choose to wake up this morning.

Today is my day because I will think good thoughts.

Today is my day because I will smile with friends.

Today is my day because I will go on an adventure.

Today is my day because I will make beautiful dishes.

Today is my day because I will learn something.

Today is my day because I will create something with my own two hands.

Today is my day because I will show grace.

Today is my day because I will pray.

Today is my day because I will enjoy the blissful peace of reading a book.

Today is my day because I will teach someone.

Today is my day because I will help someone.

Today is my day because I will drink tea.

Today is my day because I have courage.

Today is my day because I will make someone laugh.

Today is my day because I will listen. Really listen.

Today is my day because I will chase my dreams.

Today is my day because I will look nice.

Today is my day because I will be grateful for all that I have.

Today is my day because I will plan my travels.

Today is my day because I will be present.

Today is my day because I will be strong.

Today is my day because I will talk long walks.

Today is my day because I will do the one thing that I truly love.

Today is my day because I am here, learning how to make here work.

Today is my day because I tell people that I love them.

Today is my day because I will enjoy the beauty that is around me.

Today is my day because I will give encouragement.

Today is my day because I will work hard.

Today is my day because I will be kind.

Today is my day because I will not give up.

Today is my day because I know that I belong here.

Today is my day because I will be inspired.

Today is my day because the sun came out.

Today is my day because I will celebrate.

Today is my day because I will fail.

Today is my day.

My Secret Love Letter

Hello, lovely.

I have come to share a secret with you. I carry around a love letter with me wherever I go. I was inspired by the lovely authoress of the  Freedom Experiment to do so. It is one of my most popular posts. It is a love letter to myself. It is a wonderful feeling to read kind words; kind words written by your own being. It helps me get over tough days, it gives me strength when my fear tries to get the best of me, it is always close by.

All my love,


Dearest darling,

First of all, you are lovely. The world sees that and so should you. It is not just your appearance, it is in your presence, your stature, and in your graceful smile. You exude loveliness. Please remember that.

No matter what worries and hard times that you may be facing, understand that they are never implemented to do you in. They are there to make you a stronger you. A stronger darling. They are by no means the end to your chapter book. Be sure to remember that your book is a tome and a series at that. This is just the beginning of a new chapter. There is drama, tears, and fear. All of those things just foreshadow the bliss, smiles, and peace that comes at the end of the chapter.

You just have to keep turning the pages. Even when your eyes are bleary and ruddy from crying, even when you feel like giving up. Just read one more word and turn one more page.

Time is a constant battle that you seem to always lose to. You are too young for the greater portion of your life and then suddenly you are grown up and expected to enter the world poised with a well-planned outlook. These are just illusions. No one has it together. You are doing your best. There is no way to speed up time. Be here now. Be here and figure out how to make here work.

My darling, understand that the world turns whether you make a mistake or make an improvement. Mistakes will never be your downfall. You are never your mistakes. You are not your past. On this day, you woke up. That means you get a do-over a chance to start off right. Do not let the goblins of the night creep on you in the daylight. They are gone. You are safe.

I know that you worry, a lot sometimes. I know that you cry. I know that your life is filled with so many uncertainties. I know you feel like you are falling. But my dear, life is a constant fall. We free fall for a while. The ground does not come to break your fall until your dying breath. Enjoy the fall. Falling means that you are doing it right.

There is not one thing that is wrong with you. You have a beautiful life, just open your eyes to it. Enjoy this world. Enjoy this day. Enjoy yourself.

You are loved.

You are enough.

You are perfect.


forever and always,


Feel the Quake

Hello, dearie.

It is a chilly evening equipped with the threat of frost. I find myself snuggled in bed with all of the comforts I know to be true: a lovely book, a cozy blanket, warm socks, and a great deal of plump pillows. Time spent this evening is the time that I had wished for for a long while. I am so grateful for the time that I have been given today to unwind and live by my own wants and needs. It is in these moments that I can recollect myself and my energy reserves for the rest of the week. Sometimes it just feels nice to sit in a quiet apartment for the sheer sake of doing so.

This week has brought to me some exciting news that has my heart wildly beating with wonder. Reader, I have come upon a great and magical adventure. The adventure, the chance, the opportunity that I have been praying for, yearning for, and lusting for. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that I have been selected to be a teacher. Not simply a teacher, but one who will be teaching in an entirely different country on an entirely different continent.

This is no small teaching position. In fact, this is possibly one of my greatest dreams that has come true and here I am, Reader, telling you that I have done it. It is proof; I am proof that your greatest and most desired dreams can come true.

But now, faced with the ebullient opportunity I find myself seeking shelter from the spotlight. In the shadows, my fears gather strength and whisper cutting, sweet nothings in my ear.

Will you be able to handle such a rigorous job?

What makes you think that you can do this?

How are you going to be able to flourish?

What if you fail?

Reader, I will expose to you that I am truly afraid of the opportunity in front of me. I am afraid that I will not do well and that I will fail myself and my family. But most of all, I am afraid that I will let my fear stop me from even trying, from seeing my potential, from growing like a wildflower.

I have taken one step closer.

But, Reader, when I did so, I felt the Earth quake under me, giving way to my worth, my power, and my ability.


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A Gentle Push

Hello, lovely you.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a passionate, wonderful, dreamer? The one that stands just a bit taller than the rest of the crowd, the one that smiles dreamily when misty rain falls on promised plans, the one that greets each day with her whole being, the one that simply glows in a way unlike any makeup or beauty product could enhance a person. That one.

You are almost there, Reader.

All you need is a gentle push out of your comfort bubble and I am here to do that both for you and for me. I hope you do not mind me sharing this adventure with you. It is always nice to have a comrade and dear, sweet Reader we have each other. Ready? Take my hand if you are unsure. Everything will be wonderful, just wait and see.

  1. Smile at yourself in the mirror. This seems so easy, but when it comes time to do so I find myself uncomfortably focusing on the splatters of toothpaste, blurring out my own reflection. Looking at myself in the mirror beckons forth all of my insecurities, my past mistakes, failures, and fear. But, Reader, if you smile, even just a wee bit I am sure that you will see a glimpse of the mountain that is your worth. You will see your beauty. You will see what others see when you laugh. You will see the only tangible aspect of your soul. It is worth trying and practicing.
  2. You were born to (enter dream here). Whether you strive to become a ballerina, a mother, a stockbroker, a scullery maid, a CEO, a teacher, a painter, etc. you were born to do it. Trust me, Reader. That passion that you have for the dream career that you have in mind is your bright, neon sign flashing in the darkness of the future guiding you and encouraging you to go your own way. You need that passion to succeed. We need you to be what you want to be. It will make the world so much more beautiful.
  3. Cry if you have to. When you are passed over for the position, when your true love breaks your heart, when your plans begin to crumble, when you bury your last hope, let yourself feel the pain, the hurt, and the fear. Cry for a little. But then, beautiful one, find a way to build yourself up again, even if it means reaching out to others to help you up. Put the darkness behind you, throw away the damp tissues that soaked up the remnants of a broken heart, and go on. You must.
  4. Listen. Actively listen to yourself. Listen to your heart. Listen to your head. Listen to the girl that you were ten years ago. Listen to what thoughts you would have about yourself ten years from now. Listen to your voice. Do you need a rest? Then soak in a bath. Do you need to refuel? Go for a walk and eat lovely food. Do you want this? If yes, then push forward passionately; if no, then change the direction of your sails and go forth into the sunset.
  5. Love yourself. This is by far the most challenging and the one thing that stumps everyone. Reader, I see in you something that is shining, bright, ebullient, and joyous. I know that you have gone through painful times; I know that you have come through darkness to meet me here; I know what it feels like when nothing seems to be going right. But, throughout those terrible times of the past and the terrible times of the future, reach out and love yourself.

So, you failed?

Pick yourself up and cherish your trying.

So, you lost a dream?

Search and find what you attained in your loss.

So, you fear challenges?

Break down your scariest challenge into small bits and cheer for yourself the entire way.

So, you lost a love?

Love yourself.

Yours Truly, A Dreamer

Dear Friend,

It has been a while since I last wrote. A great deal of magical things have happened since then. Not so magical as I rubbed an enchanted lamp and now find that all my wishes have been granted, a different kind of magic. It is pre-magic and personal magic at the very same time. The game pieces have been shifted on to new colored blocks, positioned in a fashion that can make way for the ultimate checkmate. What I mean to say, Reader, is that though I may have not been able to secure my dream job, a recurring event these past few months, I know that all the experience that I have been through is just molding and shaping my future into what it is supposed to be.

It is really hard.

Reader, I know that you are but human too. You say, “of course it’s hard” with such nonchalance hoping to mask the feelings that you have had once before after grand disappointments. More than being difficult I think that it is also wearisome. Finding a job, a secure job, post- graduation is in fact wearisome. It has come to the point many a time when I just feel like giving up just for the fact that I will no longer have to write extensive cover letters, letters of intent, send transcripts, interview via phone a multitude of times, and any thing else that could possibly eat away at my time.

All I want is for someone in the world to believe that I will be a good teacher.

I am a quiet person by nature. I am soft-spoken, sensitive, and empathetic. All of these characteristics have been criticized in interviews calling upon my not being able to command a classroom or manage difficult students. I swallowed the criticism like a jagged pill. It was not until I made my trek home from my interview, battling cold weather and a loneliness that only a large city can bring a person, that I realized that these qualities that I have are what make me special. They make me, me. If the world needs anything, it may be a warm, soft-spoken person ready and willing to listen. One who does not match confrontation with a raised voice, but with patience. I do not want to change who I am for a job.

I do not want to be excluded for a position for all of the things that I am not.

I want to be a teacher, Reader. I think that it is perhaps one of the most marvelous and under appreciated positions that this world has. I want to inspire children to write. Knowing how much writing has impacted my life is a golden nugget of experience that I hope to pass on to my students. I want to teach students how to read. But more than that, I want to teach students why reading is incredible, why it is so valuable, why with reading, the world is a much more beautiful place. I truly believe that I can do these things, I just want someone else to believe that I can as well.

I may be disheartened, but what drives me is knowing that, when hired, I will change the world.

Yours truly,

A dreamer.