Take My Hand

Take my hand. 

It is outstretched towards you, the alabaster skin shows no heavy burdens, past wounds, or present trials. It has been clothed in the invisible glove of privilege with its impregnable protection against any and all maledictions. It remains suspended, but purposefully so. Never faltering.

Take my hand.

I see your weariness, your plight, your pain, even if you did not expect to share it. Dear friend, it is hung around your neck like that of a weighty advertisement and with each passing moment of ignoring it, your neck becomes weaker and giving up seems like a merciful act.

Take my hand.

If for no other reason than to rest but a breath’s moment. A restful heartbeat in the day your are striving to make it through.

Take my hand.

Will I know the depths of your sorrows through our contact? Will I see the eyes of the demons that float over your person, unrelenting? Will your dark secrets pour out like that of a freshly made wound? No, my dear friend and stranger. When our hands touch there suspended in the medium between both of our bodies a current so mighty will race up our arms, flourish at our elbows’ crevice and dance its way into our chests. We will see it happen when we lock eyes, for it emits a glow that cannot be ignored.

Take my hand.

When we release and again are confined to the solitude of two people who are no longer embracing, you will find that something is different. It is a weight; the source of which is one that you cannot identify. You pat your pockets in search of trinket or treasure, but find nothing quite so tangible. But still, there is something different.

Take my hand.

I offer it to you because it is the surest and the most direct way to give you a piece of my heart. To let you know that I see you, the value of your beautiful soul, the very core of you. And when you pivot to continue on your journey through the hot sun, you do not look behind you. Rather, you remain walking. Walking away with what the world tries so very hard to capture indefinitely, but alights the moment we turn our back from its cage: love.

So take my hand and take my heart.


Pure Beauty

Hello, my loves.

Today I watched this video and it broke my heart. I watched it twice. It made me cry both times.

Maybe it was because I have been going through a “fat time”.

Maybe it was because of the tears that recently fell when potentially beautiful graduation dresses did not fit me.

Maybe it was because I knew that I was not alone.

Maybe it was because I heard broken hearts beating alongside mine in the darkness.

I just want to let you know that you are the most beautiful thing that I have seen today.

You come here, looking for me.

I come here, looking for you.

We are both locked behind our computer screens,

faces unseen.

But never has my heart been surrounded by the most pure beauty this world has ever sculpted.

So, I thank you for you.

keep dancing

xx rachie

What We Share

Reader, I think that we both know a very special person. You.

I have  in the literal sense never met you, but for your own reason you come to read my words, my musings, my greatest treasures. We know each other in this dimension.

There is something connecting both of us to the here and now.

see you. Who you are. Your worth. And I love that you come to visit. 

Who do I see?

A powerful, goddess-like woman.

She is bound to change the world with her feet in the dirt, her arms wide open, and a smile gracefully spread across her face.

She has dared to dream great and meaningful dreams.

She is the type of girl who deserves to be taken to quaint coffee shops. The kind of small shops that smell like it is raining outside.

She is the type of girl who should have her damp forehead kissed by the spring showers of Paris as you walk with her down the Champs Elysees. She deserves Paris and all the beauty that is contained within its city limits. 

She is the type of girl who is brilliant. Not merely intelligent, for she is that too, but brilliant, shining, bright, ebullient, electric. She will let others find her passion with long walks and dinner talks.

She is known for her heart. It is rarely inside her being, instead, she lends it freely to those who need it more than she. 

She dances when she can, stolen moments seized for her own pleasure and feeling of pure freedom.

She is deserving of true love. 

She has faced challenges, the really hairy and scary types. The ones that lurk under beds and incite fear into all creatures. Once thought to be crippling, she knows now that they have made her who she is and who she is destined to be.

She thinks that, sometimes, the clouds look like when you pour a great cup of coffee and a plop or two of creamer and, after taking two sips from it, become absorbed in a fantastic book. Hours later there is a film of shattered creamer floating in the warm, dark beverage that you had long ago abandoned. 

She cries easily, but that is a good thing. She feels for the people around her and the things she has no power to fix. She would much rather feel then to not at all.

She can spend an afternoon with herself and enjoy the company.

She has sat with her fear in a dark room and awaited the brighter days.

She loses herself in books of faraway lands. Books allow her to dream when she is still awake. 

But most of all, she believes that there is good, that there is beauty, and that there is hope. Always. 


Keep dancing

xx rachie

My Secret Love Letter

Hello, lovely.

I have come to share a secret with you. I carry around a love letter with me wherever I go. I was inspired by the lovely authoress of the  Freedom Experiment to do so. It is one of my most popular posts. It is a love letter to myself. It is a wonderful feeling to read kind words; kind words written by your own being. It helps me get over tough days, it gives me strength when my fear tries to get the best of me, it is always close by.

All my love,


Dearest darling,

First of all, you are lovely. The world sees that and so should you. It is not just your appearance, it is in your presence, your stature, and in your graceful smile. You exude loveliness. Please remember that.

No matter what worries and hard times that you may be facing, understand that they are never implemented to do you in. They are there to make you a stronger you. A stronger darling. They are by no means the end to your chapter book. Be sure to remember that your book is a tome and a series at that. This is just the beginning of a new chapter. There is drama, tears, and fear. All of those things just foreshadow the bliss, smiles, and peace that comes at the end of the chapter.

You just have to keep turning the pages. Even when your eyes are bleary and ruddy from crying, even when you feel like giving up. Just read one more word and turn one more page.

Time is a constant battle that you seem to always lose to. You are too young for the greater portion of your life and then suddenly you are grown up and expected to enter the world poised with a well-planned outlook. These are just illusions. No one has it together. You are doing your best. There is no way to speed up time. Be here now. Be here and figure out how to make here work.

My darling, understand that the world turns whether you make a mistake or make an improvement. Mistakes will never be your downfall. You are never your mistakes. You are not your past. On this day, you woke up. That means you get a do-over a chance to start off right. Do not let the goblins of the night creep on you in the daylight. They are gone. You are safe.

I know that you worry, a lot sometimes. I know that you cry. I know that your life is filled with so many uncertainties. I know you feel like you are falling. But my dear, life is a constant fall. We free fall for a while. The ground does not come to break your fall until your dying breath. Enjoy the fall. Falling means that you are doing it right.

There is not one thing that is wrong with you. You have a beautiful life, just open your eyes to it. Enjoy this world. Enjoy this day. Enjoy yourself.

You are loved.

You are enough.

You are perfect.


forever and always,


Away I Go

Today, I set out on a grand adventure with a fire in my belly, a heart full of hope, and a head full of wondrous possibilities. My bags are packed and piled by the door and I anxiously await for the time for my dear friend to take me to the airport.  This trip, this blip of an adventure is incredible already. I will tell you why, Reader. It is for the simple fact that I am chasing a dream with relentless passion despite the fear and the anxiety that may be rumbling in the depths of my spirit.

I am chasing a dream.

Everything about this trip is filled to the brim with the possibilities of romance. Not the romance between me and a man, although I would not deny the chance if it happened upon me, but the romance, the love story if you will, of me and the world. I am dolled up and as jittery as a young lady can be before a first date. Just replace the handsome beau with  the world. It is a love story that I will revisit when I am old and gray, because I truly believe that it is the beginning of my story.

I am learning to love the fear of the unknown.

No longer does the misty and dark features of the future send my heart beating wildly with fear. Instead, I have changed the way that I choose to look at the darkness. The faceless and shapeless features are no longer disturbing, but can be made in my mind’s eye to be the people, the places, and the things that I want in my life.

I will get a little lost today, but that is the only way to learn.

A few trial and errors will have to occur before I find my way and who knows what those little mistakes may bring. When you are lost, it is signifying that you are no longer in your comfort zone, for that is an area well-paved with paths, but that you are daring to venture out and lay down the paths of your future. Your potential. You life, essentially.

It just takes one step to make it.

And away I go.

On Self Love

I was dillydallying around on my blog, the behind the scenes portion in which I can see my audience and other technicalities that are so clandestine to my readers. When I came to the section that labeled which posts were the most popular, it dawned on me that the topic of self-love was by far the most popular- perhaps because it is the most needed, most lacking, and most difficult to achieve.

Self-love is to fall in love with yourself, whole heartedly.

Reader, you know yourself; you know your mistakes; you know your past; you have a wealth of knowledge about yourself that is invisible to the everyday person, the ones that smile at you on your commute to work. Your pasts and your secrets, as dark or as light as they may be, are never imprinted on your skin. They do not illuminate above your head. They are kept within you- which is both a burden and a blessing.

Your love for yourself comes- or should come- unconditionally.

My dear reader, do you not see that you have the choice to forgive yourself? That you have the choice to begin anew? Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is so horrible and terrible that you cannot find it within yourself to forgive yourself and move on. That moving on stage and what comes after it, is what brings the beauty after so much pain. You will feel weightless. You will float. And it will show in your countenance.

It is never easy to love in general, but it is so worth the while. It is the most valuable asset that we, as human beings, possess.

I see the value in your heart, already. I can see your heart wanting and yearning for the opportunity to reach out to you and share with you the greatest and most magical phenomenon that can ever be self-generated: self-love. Who are you to love yourself? Who do you think you are to believe that you are of value? Reader, when dark thoughts pierce through the bubbles of hope that surround you, please ignore them. Please shout out, I am of value. Because I know you are.

There is a greatness in you, Reader. A greatness that I have already seen, whether you have commented on a piece that I have written, liked a piece, or have merely just visited.

You have been born to love. Steer that purpose towards yourself and oh, dear Reader, just see what magic comes.

It’s Hard to Dance

In my introductory post I had described the point in my life as my renaissance period. Gone were the days that were dull and dark. Since then I have been on this incredible journey where I have experienced relentless joy each and every day. Of course, there were hard times, for they are a natural phenomenon and inescapable.

Quite frankly, they make us human and remind us of that.

I am only human, sculpted out of flesh and blood. I, like every soul on the planet, have broken down and have risen again. What I have learned, what I have accepted is that no matter what, and reader, be sure to realize that I mean no matter what circumstances you may be going through, there is always something to rejoice about. There are a multitude of reasons to smile. In fact, if you dig deep enough that list of things to be happy about can, after a few dry bouts, flow so naturally and evenly that no amount of numbers can seem to be large enough to substantiate all of the joy in your heart.

This is my 101st post.

This feat, this beautiful, incredible, feat is evidence enough that I am still here. I may have been knocked down, but trust me, reader, I am here, I am present. It is my proof to everyone, including myself, that even when I was going through difficult times it did not hinder me. Instead I came here. I came to you. I came to write. I came to express. I came to sink into and ease into my own being, my own soul.

To celebrate, I have put together a list of 101 reasons to smile.

It is hard to dance with the devil on your back; it is even harder to smile with the devil on your back. So, shake it out.

  1. Cozy socks
  2. Coffee
  3. Laughter
  4. Good friends
  5. Hugs
  6. Family
  7. Sunrises
  8. Kittens
  9. Making something-anything!
  10. Cooking
  11. Reading loads of books
  12. Writing
  13. Journaling
  14. Receiving letters
  15. Writing letters
  16. Beautiful music
  17. Having a home
  18. Funny youtube videos
  19. Coffee cafes
  20. New books
  21. Old books
  22. Breakfast foods
  23. Rainy days
  24. Films
  25. Traveling
  26. Big dreams
  27. Teacups
  28. Learning- anything from playing an instrument to a new language
  29. Our incredible bodies
  30. Faith
  31. Pretty clothes
  32. Receiving encouragement
  33. Giving encouragement
  34. Bookstores
  35. Sunshine
  36. Hope
  37. Cookbooks
  38. Cooking
  39. Lovely restaurants
  40. Love- new, old, or future love.
  41. Adventures
  42. Receiving flowers
  43. Flowers in general
  44. Your body- whether you have all fingers and toes, or not, there is always a reason to love the body you have been given. Always.
  45. Silly dancing
  46. Slow dancing
  47. Warm baths
  48. Swimming pools
  49. Having clean water
  50. Having some money- we only need a little, despite what many think.
  51. Graduation- from college, from therapy, from rehab.
  52. Ringing a close friend
  53. Sweet pajamas
  54. Pancakes on a rainy morning
  55. Steamy mugs of tea paired with large books
  56. Reaching a goal- whether it is visiting NYC, learning German, or quitting smoking, it is a wonderful accomplishment. Accomplished by you. You!
  57. Being literate
  58. Being employed
  59. Fair rides
  60. Puppies
  61. Giving compliments
  62. Receiving compliments
  63. Candles
  64. Prayers
  65. Health- whether you have it now or are working towards it, there will be a time when you feel good.
  66. Walking barefoot
  67. Art- whether you make it or admire it
  68. Breathing
  69. Courage- whether it is starting a new job, expressing your love for someone, or simply believing in yourself. It is beautiful.
  70. Shoulders to cry on
  71. Elderly couples who are still very much in love
  72. Sunsets
  73. Having a home
  74. Joy!
  75. Gratitude for all of the blessings in your life.
  76. Helping others in need- whether they know that they are or are oblivious to their plight.
  77. Stretching- it makes you feel alive.
  78. Libraries- glorious, lovely, large, libraries!
  79. Touching song lyrics
  80. Parties or get togethers with friends
  81. Concerts
  82. Freedom
  83. Sitcoms
  84. The weekend!
  85. Decorating your living space
  86. Chasing dreams- no matter how many times you may trip, keep going.
  87. Lovely blogs
  88. Full moons
  89. The seasons
  90. Unconditional love
  91. Cozy blankets
  92. Cartwheels
  93. Surprises
  94. First days- on the job, at school, etc.
  95. Feeling full of worth
  96. Falling in love
  97. Department stores at Christmas time
  98. Surprising yourself- you are stronger than you think.
  99. Thriving in hard times
  100. Having grace
  101. Self-love