I Can’t Help but Pull the Earth Around Me

Moving to a new place is always accompanied by a whirlwind of feelings.

There is a rush in doing the simple things like errands and chores. The scenery is fresh. The people are, in some indescribable way, different.

It’s invigorating to be alone.

Every time you set foot out of the door there is the whisper of romance and adventure in the air.

Who am I going to meet?

Where will my path take me today?

What will I learn?

What will I fail at?

What will make me smile?

In all of the newness, the potential for grand exploration both in the world around you and in the person you think that you are becoming is seemingly infinite. And lovely.

But with all the shiny things you have around you, you cannot forget the place that you have left. It’s a bereavement. There is a grieving period. You have laid to rest the place that you once called home. There are fond memories and nostalgia when the newness of your current life come crashing down over your head like mighty waves.

Your home will forever be your home.

Courage allows you to pull the earth around you so that you can make your bed in a new place, to settle, and to cultivate your roots.


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