I jumped straight from fall into summer, from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere, from delightfully cool evenings to sultry sunsets.

And now again I am waiting for the world to pivot. Waiting for fall again.

I have never found that my wanting and waiting for the seasons to change to ever be disappointing. There is something magical that accompanies the slow yet noticeable transition.

I love being able to tell that the sun has moved in the sky.

I love noticing the different times for sunrise and sunset.

I love the fruits and food that accompany the changing seasons; popsicles for the summer, anything with pumpkin in the fall, traditional holiday food in the winter, and bright happy greens in the spring.

I love the firsts. The first day of a hot summer sun, the first crisp breeze and twinge of orange in the trees, the first snow falling, the first warm day after nothing but gloom.

The seasons always give us a reason to look forward to something. Whether it is a momentous change or simply being able to see the daisies pop up again. The world moves whether we like it or not. We are stuck to her.

It is forever our choice to halt our own journey to change or to simply just pivot.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”


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