Take My Hand

Take my hand. 

It is outstretched towards you, the alabaster skin shows no heavy burdens, past wounds, or present trials. It has been clothed in the invisible glove of privilege with its impregnable protection against any and all maledictions. It remains suspended, but purposefully so. Never faltering.

Take my hand.

I see your weariness, your plight, your pain, even if you did not expect to share it. Dear friend, it is hung around your neck like that of a weighty advertisement and with each passing moment of ignoring it, your neck becomes weaker and giving up seems like a merciful act.

Take my hand.

If for no other reason than to rest but a breath’s moment. A restful heartbeat in the day your are striving to make it through.

Take my hand.

Will I know the depths of your sorrows through our contact? Will I see the eyes of the demons that float over your person, unrelenting? Will your dark secrets pour out like that of a freshly made wound? No, my dear friend and stranger. When our hands touch there suspended in the medium between both of our bodies a current so mighty will race up our arms, flourish at our elbows’ crevice and dance its way into our chests. We will see it happen when we lock eyes, for it emits a glow that cannot be ignored.

Take my hand.

When we release and again are confined to the solitude of two people who are no longer embracing, you will find that something is different. It is a weight; the source of which is one that you cannot identify. You pat your pockets in search of trinket or treasure, but find nothing quite so tangible. But still, there is something different.

Take my hand.

I offer it to you because it is the surest and the most direct way to give you a piece of my heart. To let you know that I see you, the value of your beautiful soul, the very core of you. And when you pivot to continue on your journey through the hot sun, you do not look behind you. Rather, you remain walking. Walking away with what the world tries so very hard to capture indefinitely, but alights the moment we turn our back from its cage: love.

So take my hand and take my heart.


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