Power in Believing

I was walking down the city streets this morning, my feet were clad in boots that I had found in a giveaway box and I was covered in a thin film of red dirt sand. I was lost, estranged, scared, and worst of all I started cursing all things that I had believed in. That the world is good. That people are lovely, whether they live in a third world country or in the most affluent country. That good things will come to me. That I will thrive- under any and all conditions. That life is beautiful. With each truding step that I made these beliefs were blown from my spirit by the relentlessly vicious wind.

It was a low point for me to say the least.

But that is the beauty of low points. While you may not be able to peak your head over the top of the hole that you have been thrown into. You can at least stand on something solid and look up. There has to be a light some where. There has to be a breaking point eventually. So I kept going, believing that there will be a happy ending to my day.

There is much power in believing- make that power be of benefit to not just you but the whole world

Believe that you are lovely and see what magic unfolds.

Believe that the word is good and see miracles.

Believe that you are worthy and see all the wonderful things that come your way- true love, adventure, happiness.

Believe in wonder and see the mysticism of God in every cloud changing shape and every beetle in flight.

Believe in faith and know that when the sun sets and the fades- darkness will be broken with light.

Believe in love and watch the wounded heal.

Believe in strength and see the pebble defeat the leviathan.

So I walked. I walked for hours. I prayed. I cursed. I chewed on my thumb nail in attempting to calm my nerves. I celebrated a correct turn down a road. I had to backtrack through many roads.

But I made it, hungry, dirty, and happy.


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