Say yes to chance, for our moments of brilliance and glory are born out of leaps of faith.

Say thank you to fear, for it is set in motion not to handicap you and your spirits, but to protect you.

Say I remember to grief, for it is through the hardest times in our life do we ever evolve into anything worthwhile.

Say hallelujah to joy, remember the moments of ecstatic happiness for they brighten our pasts and give us something to look forward to with each rising of the sun.

Say breathe to anxiety, for it is in moments of anxiety that unveil what we truly want. How much we want to achieve, be, love, go, stay, scares us. That is ok.

Say stay to courage, for it is with this mighty weapon are we able to slash the mighty monsters of self-doubt and abandonment.

Say dance to aching feet, knowing that your own body can create a beautiful masterpiece of rearranged air particles and golden sun rays.

Say love to once broken hearts, for it is always worth loving again.

Say listen to yourself when what your heart and what your head whisper do not match.

Say keep going to defeat, acknowledge the defeat for a moment, but press on, love.

Say no  to the can’ts, the won’ts, the shan’ts, the shouldn’ts, the couldn’ts, and the no’s.



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