21 Things: A Birthday in Review

This list was something that I created to see just how much I could could accomplish before my birthday. It was not a year in its entirety, so some of my “things” did not happen (yet). I wrote this list when I first started writing for it’s hard to dance and my, how things have changed. Priorities have altered, wants have evolved, and I have become a better version of myself. This list, while not completed in its entirety, proves that I am forever growing, forever reaching, and forever changing.

Check out my new list of things!

1. Attend a bible study.

I did not attend a bible study this year, I did however reach out to a friend to go to church and asked friends freely for prayers and good thoughts when going through difficult times. I think that is what I really wanted, the ability to share my faith without condition or consequence. 

2. Start a garden.

Since I own no land but the dirt stuck to the bottom of my shoes, this was a difficult task. I do, however, have a small can sitting on my windowsill that I am using to grow herbs. It was such a happy morning when I peaked into the dirt to see little green stems reaching out. 

3. Read one book a month (hopefully school/job/the messiness of life does not become too much of a distraction).

I have read a great deal of books these past few months! Having read so many books has given me the courage to be creative and the passion to wonder. 

4. Learn to recite poems.

I have memorized a poem by Emily Dickinson called “I Shall Not Live in Vain”

5. Knit something beautiful

I have made a great deal of beautiful things and have learned to love knitting. I love taking something ordinary, like yarn, and making it into something majestic with just my two hands.

6. Go to that used bookstore that I have always wanted to go to.

I am now a regular customer!

7. Host a party; a baking party, a pinterest party, or something like that.

I hosted an Easter dinner party this year. While it was small, I did cook for more than just myself. I find it nerve wracking to cook for others, but am learning to love it. 

8. Learn to play a song on the ukulele

This is by far the most enjoying “thing” that I have listed. I have learned how to play “Postcards from Italy” by Beirut. The first moments of strumming the actual song was incredible. I was making music!

9. Write a poem in French

I was able to write a poem in my broken French and adore it. I love turning my words into a different form.

10. Enter a writing contest

I did not enter a writing contest, but I have taken a step in the right direction! Writing for this lovely little blog has given me the courage to keep it up. All of the positive feedback that I have received from my great readers means the world to me. I have even shared my short story with you all. Thank you for that. 

11. Pay for someone’s meal by surprise!

I did this with a close friend. We had burgers, fries, and laughs. 

12. Apply to Graduate School

This is one of the “things” that changed. Big time. I am not enrolled in graduate school, yet. I am taking on the world first and taking a break for once to do something bigger than myself. I have big plans! 

13. Eat an apricot. I’ve never had one before.

I can do this one! I just never seem to have time to shop for good produce. Maybe it is because I am a Uni student or because of where I live, but I have yet to see an apricot. I will keep my eye out though. 

14. Learn how to “wobble”

I have mastered the silly dance. 

15. Draw something.

Besides the doodles on the sides of my lecture notes, I have not drawn anything. Maybe my drawing consists of crafting a picture through words. 

16. Pray every day

Selfish, selfless, scared, hopeful, joyful, depressed, grateful prayers were whispered daily. 

17. Write

I have had some lags in my writing, but for the most part I feel as though I have stepped into the shoes that I was born to fill. Standing tall and confident I look down from the mountain of work that I have crafted and smile in peace. 

18. Memorize Bible verses

I have not memorized Bible verses.  This is another “thing” that transformed within the time that wrote my list until now. I have learned that memorizing anything does not change the strength of one’s beliefs. It is how you live and carry yourself that matters. 

19. Be bold in my applications for whatever comes my way after graduation

20. Cook a meal. (I never cook!)

I love cooking now. I have a passion for flavor and nourishment. 

21. Drink less coffee…

I tried for a week. Really tried. Nevertheless, I am a coffee drinker at heart.


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