It is With Peace

It is with peace that you uncover love.

The undiscovered mounds and heap of the thing that everyone so longs after.

The treasure maps that have been created to find it.

The medication made to increase its effects.

The material goods in stores made to fill its void,

when in playing a nasty game of chicken with the universe,

you are the one to step aside first- to break- and to believe

that you need more than what you have.

The peace that you want is inside of you.

A treasured beacon that somehow is invisible for those who are desperately searching for it.

Treasure is found most certainly in a chest.

Your heart, locked in your own bone made chest, is your very own treasure.

Opening it means peace, love, hope, breath, and life. 

It’s a matter of wanting to

and believing

that good comes from unopened and forgotten treasures.

Keep dancing,

xx rachie


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