Storm Clouds on the Horizon

When you wake and the sunshine is hiding behind the clouds, like a child behind her mother’s skirts, what do you do?

Do you make your own?

Crafting rays of sunlight calls for a few simple ingredients, often looked over and the most likely to be ignored.

Sunbeams calls for equal parts of  hope and delight, and, of course, a dash of laughter.

Take all ingredients and mix them with your arms open wide.

You can feel their warmth stirring, close to your heart. 

When there are storm clouds on the horizon, what do you do?

Do you hunker down for a while, protecting yourself?

Or, do you throw yourself into the wild dance of the rain and wind?

To decide, ask yourself, am I a force that even the cutting wind of a great, mystical force cannot move? 

Can I stand in fear and not be blown away?

Can I feel the rain soak the very core of my being until it feels as if it is pouring down on the inside of me?

Not rain in the sense, but rain-drop shaped disquietude.

Whatever your storm may be, the only account that will determine your victory or your defeat is your telling yourself that you can.

Simple and yet, the words so often get caught in your throat, like dry-swallowing a bitter pill.

When you do, the words I can flow over your tongue and grace your lips and twirl through the air creating magnificence. 

They wrap around your delicate being and serve as your armor.

can survive the storm clouds on the horizon.

And so can you.


keep dancing,

xx rachie


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