Very Inspiring Blogger Award

What a great and lovely surprise to have found that I have be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by the wonderful author, Marisa D. Lyon. As described to me, this award is given to bloggers who craft posts that leave their readers both feeling satisfied and wanting more.

Writing is the truest thing that I know.

Thank you, beautiful ones, for reading.

I hope that we can keep on inspiring one another.

This award is like a chain letter, linking fabulous bloggers all around the world.

After displaying the logo, the nominee should:

  •  State seven things about her/himself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and supply a link to their site

The seven wonders of It’s Hard to Dance:

  1. I can speak French, Spanish, and a little German. I have a passion for language. While I was traveling in Paris I came across a delightful bakery with my roommate. We decided to eat desserts for lunch, because one can do that sort of thing while on vacation. Sadly, there were no more chocolate croissants in the window. I put on my brave face and best French accent and asked if there were anymore chocolate croissants. There were! C’était trés délicieux!
  2. I am moving to Zambia as a Peace Corps volunteer in June! (A great and wonderful dream of mine since my first year in Uni). I will be teaching English as a second language and having a grand adventure.
  3. The title of the blog “It’s Hard to Dance” is named after Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it Out” (my absolute favorite song). I had the opportunity to see FATM in concert this past fall, it was magical.
  4. I hope to write a book one day. Would you like to read it?
  5. I am graduating from my lovely little university in May.
  6. I like to listen to my music really loudly in the morning (with earbuds, of course, so as not to wake up my flatmate) and sometimes accompany this with jumping on the couch. A perfect, good morning ritual. You  cannot possibly frown after doing a little act like that.
  7. I believe in falling hopelessly, passionately, and desperately in love with all things on this planet. Every single last one of them.


My Fifteen Nominees:

  1. The Better Man Project
  2. The Manifest-Station
  3. Fasionably Light
  4. One Thousand Single Days
  5. Life Crush
  6. Courage and Illumination
  7. Sequins and Faith
  8. The Freedom Experiment
  9. Darling Companion
  10. The Girl Who Knows
  11. Through My Looking Glass
  12. A Beautiful Mess
  13. Paid to Exist
  14. Picture This My Way 
  15. Button B


2 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. Marisa says:

    Wow, that was fast! And still so well written. 1. I’m extremely impressed that you can speak so many languages. I tried conquering Spanish and that is STILL a challenge. 2. Love Florence and the Machine and that is one of my favorites of hers, as well as Cosmic Love. 3. I would LOVE to read your book one day and can not wait to! Don’t forget who nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” when the dedications come around haha 😉 and 4. I absolutely love this line- “I believe in falling hopelessly, passionately, and desperately in love with all things on this planet. Every single last one of them.” And I couldn’t agree more. Congratulations again.

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