My Secret Love Letter

Hello, lovely.

I have come to share a secret with you. I carry around a love letter with me wherever I go. I was inspired by the lovely authoress of the  Freedom Experiment to do so. It is one of my most popular posts. It is a love letter to myself. It is a wonderful feeling to read kind words; kind words written by your own being. It helps me get over tough days, it gives me strength when my fear tries to get the best of me, it is always close by.

All my love,


Dearest darling,

First of all, you are lovely. The world sees that and so should you. It is not just your appearance, it is in your presence, your stature, and in your graceful smile. You exude loveliness. Please remember that.

No matter what worries and hard times that you may be facing, understand that they are never implemented to do you in. They are there to make you a stronger you. A stronger darling. They are by no means the end to your chapter book. Be sure to remember that your book is a tome and a series at that. This is just the beginning of a new chapter. There is drama, tears, and fear. All of those things just foreshadow the bliss, smiles, and peace that comes at the end of the chapter.

You just have to keep turning the pages. Even when your eyes are bleary and ruddy from crying, even when you feel like giving up. Just read one more word and turn one more page.

Time is a constant battle that you seem to always lose to. You are too young for the greater portion of your life and then suddenly you are grown up and expected to enter the world poised with a well-planned outlook. These are just illusions. No one has it together. You are doing your best. There is no way to speed up time. Be here now. Be here and figure out how to make here work.

My darling, understand that the world turns whether you make a mistake or make an improvement. Mistakes will never be your downfall. You are never your mistakes. You are not your past. On this day, you woke up. That means you get a do-over a chance to start off right. Do not let the goblins of the night creep on you in the daylight. They are gone. You are safe.

I know that you worry, a lot sometimes. I know that you cry. I know that your life is filled with so many uncertainties. I know you feel like you are falling. But my dear, life is a constant fall. We free fall for a while. The ground does not come to break your fall until your dying breath. Enjoy the fall. Falling means that you are doing it right.

There is not one thing that is wrong with you. You have a beautiful life, just open your eyes to it. Enjoy this world. Enjoy this day. Enjoy yourself.

You are loved.

You are enough.

You are perfect.


forever and always,



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