On Elegance While Walking

I think one of the most underutilized and most enjoyable activities that a person can do is go for a walk. It has a lovely ring to it, no? It is a time to leave the worries, the deadlines, the studying, and the weight of the day behind, and to do something for yourself. The ugly what-ifs and the troubles will be glad to meet you at the door when you are through, so for a moment just let them be for you carry enough each and every day.

It is more than just putting one foot in front of the other, Reader. So much more.

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Feel the weight of your body, the pull of gravity, the levity of your shoulders with each great deep breath. Sense your knees absorb each gliding stride, providing you comfort and ease. Feel your spine straighten and your chin lift when you find a comfortable speed. Pay attention to the way that your heart beats, strong and steady providing your beautiful body with the life source to do so many things. Feel your lungs expand, gently pressing into your ribs as you inhale and imbibe the wonderful air.

Feel your two feet solidly planted on the ground and be grateful.

See everything there is to see in the world. Not merely looking, but seeing. The prism effect of the sunshine, the vibrant red hue of a cardinal, the diaphanous leaves rustling in the trees, the browned leaves, young loves, people walking with determination, school buses, city buses, etc. When you take the time to slow down and see all that there is around you I can assure you that you will find beauty, no matter where you are.

Talk to yourself, pray, muse, wonder, think, and dream.

With each step forward think. Think about the good things in your life, think about what you are grateful for, think about what you are most afraid of, think about your successes, think about your failures, think about your love story, think about your future, think about your past, think through difficult situations, think of a friend, think of your mom.

Walking enables us to link what we are truly made of with something that we have no ownership of: the universe.


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