Feel the Quake

Hello, dearie.

It is a chilly evening equipped with the threat of frost. I find myself snuggled in bed with all of the comforts I know to be true: a lovely book, a cozy blanket, warm socks, and a great deal of plump pillows. Time spent this evening is the time that I had wished for for a long while. I am so grateful for the time that I have been given today to unwind and live by my own wants and needs. It is in these moments that I can recollect myself and my energy reserves for the rest of the week. Sometimes it just feels nice to sit in a quiet apartment for the sheer sake of doing so.

This week has brought to me some exciting news that has my heart wildly beating with wonder. Reader, I have come upon a great and magical adventure. The adventure, the chance, the opportunity that I have been praying for, yearning for, and lusting for. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that I have been selected to be a teacher. Not simply a teacher, but one who will be teaching in an entirely different country on an entirely different continent.

This is no small teaching position. In fact, this is possibly one of my greatest dreams that has come true and here I am, Reader, telling you that I have done it. It is proof; I am proof that your greatest and most desired dreams can come true.

But now, faced with the ebullient opportunity I find myself seeking shelter from the spotlight. In the shadows, my fears gather strength and whisper cutting, sweet nothings in my ear.

Will you be able to handle such a rigorous job?

What makes you think that you can do this?

How are you going to be able to flourish?

What if you fail?

Reader, I will expose to you that I am truly afraid of the opportunity in front of me. I am afraid that I will not do well and that I will fail myself and my family. But most of all, I am afraid that I will let my fear stop me from even trying, from seeing my potential, from growing like a wildflower.

I have taken one step closer.

But, Reader, when I did so, I felt the Earth quake under me, giving way to my worth, my power, and my ability.


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