A Gentle Push

Hello, lovely you.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a passionate, wonderful, dreamer? The one that stands just a bit taller than the rest of the crowd, the one that smiles dreamily when misty rain falls on promised plans, the one that greets each day with her whole being, the one that simply glows in a way unlike any makeup or beauty product could enhance a person. That one.

You are almost there, Reader.

All you need is a gentle push out of your comfort bubble and I am here to do that both for you and for me. I hope you do not mind me sharing this adventure with you. It is always nice to have a comrade and dear, sweet Reader we have each other. Ready? Take my hand if you are unsure. Everything will be wonderful, just wait and see.

  1. Smile at yourself in the mirror. This seems so easy, but when it comes time to do so I find myself uncomfortably focusing on the splatters of toothpaste, blurring out my own reflection. Looking at myself in the mirror beckons forth all of my insecurities, my past mistakes, failures, and fear. But, Reader, if you smile, even just a wee bit I am sure that you will see a glimpse of the mountain that is your worth. You will see your beauty. You will see what others see when you laugh. You will see the only tangible aspect of your soul. It is worth trying and practicing.
  2. You were born to (enter dream here). Whether you strive to become a ballerina, a mother, a stockbroker, a scullery maid, a CEO, a teacher, a painter, etc. you were born to do it. Trust me, Reader. That passion that you have for the dream career that you have in mind is your bright, neon sign flashing in the darkness of the future guiding you and encouraging you to go your own way. You need that passion to succeed. We need you to be what you want to be. It will make the world so much more beautiful.
  3. Cry if you have to. When you are passed over for the position, when your true love breaks your heart, when your plans begin to crumble, when you bury your last hope, let yourself feel the pain, the hurt, and the fear. Cry for a little. But then, beautiful one, find a way to build yourself up again, even if it means reaching out to others to help you up. Put the darkness behind you, throw away the damp tissues that soaked up the remnants of a broken heart, and go on. You must.
  4. Listen. Actively listen to yourself. Listen to your heart. Listen to your head. Listen to the girl that you were ten years ago. Listen to what thoughts you would have about yourself ten years from now. Listen to your voice. Do you need a rest? Then soak in a bath. Do you need to refuel? Go for a walk and eat lovely food. Do you want this? If yes, then push forward passionately; if no, then change the direction of your sails and go forth into the sunset.
  5. Love yourself. This is by far the most challenging and the one thing that stumps everyone. Reader, I see in you something that is shining, bright, ebullient, and joyous. I know that you have gone through painful times; I know that you have come through darkness to meet me here; I know what it feels like when nothing seems to be going right. But, throughout those terrible times of the past and the terrible times of the future, reach out and love yourself.

So, you failed?

Pick yourself up and cherish your trying.

So, you lost a dream?

Search and find what you attained in your loss.

So, you fear challenges?

Break down your scariest challenge into small bits and cheer for yourself the entire way.

So, you lost a love?

Love yourself.


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