What Courage Beckons

If you were to ask me what courage looked like, I would paint you a picture with words of a scene in which a daring heroine bravely stood in front of a menacing crowd, protecting what she thought to be true and right. The angry mob would be shouting various obscenities, the ones that really cut through a person’s being. You’ll never make it! Your dreams are nothing! You are nothing! The sneering faces would mask the past failed hopes that each member of the horde has faced. As the angry mob ties the heroine to the stake, she does not even flinch for she knows where the truth lies. She knows that she is a dreamer. She knows that they are just scared. 

Maybe, courage can take a different form.

Perhaps bravery can go by unnoticed, forgotten, and be devoid of histrionics. It takes courage to face each and every day. Some people seem to face this challenge flawlessly, while others noticeably trip and stumble with faces ruddy from embarrassment. Truth be told, courage comes from every decision that we make. It is what bolsters our ideas, making them stand boldly and grandly for the world to see their and our own value. It comes when we decide to end a relationship in order to grow, start school again, apply for a dream job, say hello to a stranger, and love ourselves.

Courage is that little nugget that is born when we decide to love ourselves.

There are scary things that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. You and I both know this to be true, Reader. It may seem easier to run away, leaving our problems in the dust and searching for a better anything in the horizon with the setting sun. How much energy do we lose in doing this? How much does this really help us? Running away exhausts us of the greatness that we have inside of us each and every day. Replenished each night, our supply of greatness is bottomless. Our supply of courage is also bottomless, we are but fooled by the empty rattling of the can that it is contained in. Do not be fooled, it is in there. Weightless and powerful.

When we are courageous we are bright, beautiful, shining, great, glorious, magnificent, and whole.


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