Until Next Time, Lovely

Dear friend and loyal reader,

You must excuse my lengthy absence, it seems that there are not enough minutes in the day to soak up everything and then pour it out to you. Perhaps all I needed was a little time away from the clicking keyboard and glowing screen of my laptop. You have me now, Reader, refreshed, reinvigorated, and reenergized.

As we are just cosmically introduced, let me set the scene in which we become reacquainted through this void. I invite you in, dear Reader, to my quaint apartment. I will make you a cup of tea and will shall sit on the couch and muse about all of the musings in the world. I do not own a television, but we can watch the sky fade from blue to flushing pink as the sky plummets into syrupy slumber. I hope that it is alright with you, because I want nothing more to share it with you; it and my thoughts, wonders, and dreams.

I would listen to your wondering, musings, laughter, and worries. We may not solve any of the world’s problems, we most certainly will not solve our own problems, but we shall share a piece of ourselves with the other and that, beautiful Reader, has to mend something broken out there in the world.

As our tea cools, we tuck our feet in the couch cushions for a little more warmth and continue sharing the daunting what-ifs and the gloriously hopeful somedays that we have kept quiet for so long. Your stories are incredible and inspirational. Your worries are mine. As we sit, content with engulfed warmth and quietude, for a moment, a brief moment. We know that everything will be okay. It sends a shock between us, like static electricity tearing through the air from your heart to mine.

Soon the moon beams will flirt with the breezy curtains and one of us will start to yawn, never because we are bored with the other, but because we seek respite from our day’s journey. My, how the time has passed, slipping through our fingers like sand. We will unfold our legs from the contorted sitting positions that we have held for so long as we make our way to the front door. You would thank me for the tea and I would thank you for you.

Then we would part.

Until next time, lovely.


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