Away I Go

Today, I set out on a grand adventure with a fire in my belly, a heart full of hope, and a head full of wondrous possibilities. My bags are packed and piled by the door and I anxiously await for the time for my dear friend to take me to the airport.  This trip, this blip of an adventure is incredible already. I will tell you why, Reader. It is for the simple fact that I am chasing a dream with relentless passion despite the fear and the anxiety that may be rumbling in the depths of my spirit.

I am chasing a dream.

Everything about this trip is filled to the brim with the possibilities of romance. Not the romance between me and a man, although I would not deny the chance if it happened upon me, but the romance, the love story if you will, of me and the world. I am dolled up and as jittery as a young lady can be before a first date. Just replace the handsome beau with  the world. It is a love story that I will revisit when I am old and gray, because I truly believe that it is the beginning of my story.

I am learning to love the fear of the unknown.

No longer does the misty and dark features of the future send my heart beating wildly with fear. Instead, I have changed the way that I choose to look at the darkness. The faceless and shapeless features are no longer disturbing, but can be made in my mind’s eye to be the people, the places, and the things that I want in my life.

I will get a little lost today, but that is the only way to learn.

A few trial and errors will have to occur before I find my way and who knows what those little mistakes may bring. When you are lost, it is signifying that you are no longer in your comfort zone, for that is an area well-paved with paths, but that you are daring to venture out and lay down the paths of your future. Your potential. You life, essentially.

It just takes one step to make it.

And away I go.


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