On Self Love

I was dillydallying around on my blog, the behind the scenes portion in which I can see my audience and other technicalities that are so clandestine to my readers. When I came to the section that labeled which posts were the most popular, it dawned on me that the topic of self-love was by far the most popular- perhaps because it is the most needed, most lacking, and most difficult to achieve.

Self-love is to fall in love with yourself, whole heartedly.

Reader, you know yourself; you know your mistakes; you know your past; you have a wealth of knowledge about yourself that is invisible to the everyday person, the ones that smile at you on your commute to work. Your pasts and your secrets, as dark or as light as they may be, are never imprinted on your skin. They do not illuminate above your head. They are kept within you- which is both a burden and a blessing.

Your love for yourself comes- or should come- unconditionally.

My dear reader, do you not see that you have the choice to forgive yourself? That you have the choice to begin anew? Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is so horrible and terrible that you cannot find it within yourself to forgive yourself and move on. That moving on stage and what comes after it, is what brings the beauty after so much pain. You will feel weightless. You will float. And it will show in your countenance.

It is never easy to love in general, but it is so worth the while. It is the most valuable asset that we, as human beings, possess.

I see the value in your heart, already. I can see your heart wanting and yearning for the opportunity to reach out to you and share with you the greatest and most magical phenomenon that can ever be self-generated: self-love. Who are you to love yourself? Who do you think you are to believe that you are of value? Reader, when dark thoughts pierce through the bubbles of hope that surround you, please ignore them. Please shout out, I am of value. Because I know you are.

There is a greatness in you, Reader. A greatness that I have already seen, whether you have commented on a piece that I have written, liked a piece, or have merely just visited.

You have been born to love. Steer that purpose towards yourself and oh, dear Reader, just see what magic comes.


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