How to Be Amazing

How does one become amazing?

Does it come with great hair days?

It should.

I think that any modest person would shudder at calling themselves amazing. I can picture it now with myself. As I attempt to utter the word my lips begin quivering, right around the am part of amazing. I blush a bright pink color, do my signature nervous giggle while my eyes dart around the room looking for something- anything to change the subject.

Deep down, in the fire pit of my belly, I know that I am amazing. It is in this magical depth, this inner and very closed off space do I ever whisper the “a word”- amazing. From the situations that I have overcome to the great successes that I have achieved. I know that there is a list as long as my arm with all of my amazing qualities.

Truth be told, I believe that anyone could be seen as amazing, that anyone can see themselves as amazing. Did you file your taxes correctly? Well, that’s fantastic! Did you paint your nails yourself? My goodness, how lovely! Did you end a bad relationship despite your fear of being alone forever? That is crazy amazing!

Every feat, no matter how big or how small adds up to our total scale of how amazing we are. See, when we leave out all of the small triumphs that we make on a daily, menial basis, we might as well discount all of the grand triumphs that we have under our belts. I am sure that your prized job came with the small, but nerve wracking, task of sending in an application. I am sure that your seeking reconciliation with a family member started with a phone call. I am sure that your buying a house started with a down payment.

If we forget our little amazings that we do every day, every hour, every breath, then we forget our potential, our might, and overall just how amazing we are.

How do you be amazing?

You already are.

Just look a little harder.



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