Everyday is a New Year

Hello, friend.

Packages have been unveiled to us, gifts have been exchanged, families have come together, wonderful food has been eaten. The last of the holiday decorations are clinging to the hope that with their presence the holiday atmosphere will remain. As we all are aware of, a new year has begun making time for us all to reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the changeable, and the final things that have occurred. This past year was quite difficult for me, but has molded and shaped me more into the person that I am destined to be.

Beauty will never cease to come from the ashes of pain, this I know to be true and solid advice.

With the new year already started a great tradition in this time of age is setting new year’s resolutions. I never partake in this tradition. This seemingly odd opposition to a grand tradition comes from this mentality: ever night is a new year’s eve and every morning is a new year’s day. We have all had days that have been so eventful, physically, mentally, emotionally, or the like, that could possibly outweigh some of the years of our pasts. We do not have to wait a whole year in order to change something about ourselves, about our lives, about our future, about our present, about our happiness, about our love.

We have a fresh start with every beautiful morning.

Changing our ways is never easy, whether it occurs on a random Tuesday in March or on January 1st. Perhaps this is due to our motivation behind changing. Truly wanting something to change about ourselves is what keeps the energy and the passion fresh. Nothing extrinsic will ever amount to our ability to change. It has to burn in our bellies and swell our hearts if it is to change.

The change should make us happy.


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