The Sun Will Come Out

The day started out gloomy and I have to say that it impacted me.

I felt down right sorry for myself.

For my poor soul.

The poor soul who has so much.

As I sat there in my glumness I began to think of all the beautiful things around me.

I began to list the things that I love about the world,

about my life,

about me.

I love that I can call my Mom.

I love that I am a very intelligent person.

I love that it is finals week and I have freedom from my usual schedule.

I love the bright blue sky that was born from the misty haze of the morning.

I love listening to Florence and the Machine when she pops up on my pandora station.

I love that I drop everything and dance, no matter what.

I love the blogs that I read.

I love the books that I read.

I love the future books that I will write.

I love my two beautifully working hands.

I love my imperfections.

I love the pain that I have gone through.

I love love love that I woke up this morning.

I love the clothes that I wear.

I love that I have clothes to wear.

I love the body that I have been given temporary access to.

I love the voice that I have.

I love that I despise New Year’s resolutions (because everyday you are given the chance to start over and do something right).

I love the food that I eat.

I love where I live.

I love the way the sun hangs in the sky at this time of year.

I love the hope of tomorrow.

I love overcoming my fears.

I love the classes that I am taking.

I love writing.

I love journaling.

I love having time to knit.

I love making beautiful things, like making people smile and laugh.

I love tea.

I love coffee more.

I love feeling my body while I do yoga, strong and beautiful.

I love my tears of joy.

I love texting my Mom in German.

I love my dogs, even if they are far away from me.

I love the endless possibilities of the future.

I love dreaming.

I love good, beautiful friends.

I love my work.

I love walking around barefoot.

I love my cozy room.

I love my family like crazy.

I love that I will be home in just a week.

I love that I have found bunches of Christmas cookie recipes.

I love the people God sends into my life each and every day.

I love the inspiring bible verses that I read.

I love my well-being.

I love that I am not in pain.

I love my laughter.

I love funny youtube videos.

I love feeling safe.

I love my strength.

I love loving things.

I am in love with this world.


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