A Letter to a Beautiful Soul

Dear Beautiful Soul,

My goodness, how you have grown. Do you feel it in your being? Do you feel the sunshine bursting through? Do you feel the love? Darling, those things have been there all along, what has changed, what has blossomed is you. Sweet darling petals that once covered a timid and shy beauty is bursting with color and enthusiasm, smiles when the sunshine kisses your upturned face, and sways with the gentle breeze without the slightest bit of resistance. Your flower is by far the most charming in the garden and lacks the thorns of other beauties for you are not bitter from the experiences that have cultivated who you are. You are beautiful.

Those little fears and bumps along the serpent like avenue of life that used to immobilize you, no longer do. Hair flapping in the wind, cruising the seven seas in a small sailboat, you realize that the waves are no longer choppy, that your seas have been placated. It has been a struggle. You have lost your paddles. You have lost your life jacket. You no longer need either for your boat is on the path that it is destined to be on and you are buoyant in a beautiful azure sea of hope and tranquility. My darling, float on the rough seas are past you and the explosive colors of the horizon are ahead of you.

Precious one, the world has seen the weariness on your low slung shoulders and the bags under your eyes. It has witnessed nights spent weeping over losses and it holds no grudge upon you. The world does not look down on you when you were down, because you had the reason and the right to. When you were calling out for a body to ground you, you were heard. Believe me. Your cries reverberated against the infinite walls of the universe and spirits reached out to help you up off the dirty floor. That’s why you are standing. That’s why you are here.

Remember to fight the fear, not yourself. Do not let the wickedness of the power of fear convince you that you are your own enemy. You never are. Remember that you know no true obstacles, only the ones that you fantasize in your nightmares, the same ones that dissipate when streams of golden sunshine are released. Rest, dearie, for peace can come tonight with mellifluous dreams that have replaced the dungeon that is the confine of your worst fears.

You are stronger than you think.

Keep growing, lovely.


forever and always,



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