Somehow, some way, the day flew by.

Have you ever felt like the world is spining so much faster than you are going?

It was a feeling that haunted me for the duration of the day.

I’m not quite sure of what I have accomplished today, even though I felt pretty occupied most of the day.

Maybe it’s because the sun sets so early now, beckoning the world for a little respite that has me wondering how I managed to let the day slip between my fingers.

Maybe it was because of my still being under the weather. How lovely would it be to come home and be greeted with warmth and love and perhaps with a cup of hot tea, instead of a cluttered kitchen. I have taken for granted the beauty of being cared for.

Maybe today was so because I skipped my morning mug of coffee. There are few things in this world that I can manage to afford and indulge in; coffee is one of these. Sweet and warm it bolsters my spirit and to the disdain of my dentist, stains my teeth.

There is a jar filled to the brim with maybes, but only one truth, this young lady has been feeling worn. Ragged. Spiritually graffitied.

My greatest rejoice is that the sunrise is but a few hours away and I can start anew.

And this time, with coffee.


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