Chasing Sunsets

Let me explain how in my world, when I have a day off, relaxing means doing as much as you possibly can that is not homework. This includes, but is not limited to laundry, cleaning, baking make ahead breakfasts, running errands, etc. By the time that I had accomplished nearly all of the previously listed items, it was already twilight and I had not yet even had the chance to breathe in the day. Also, this whole day lights saving time idea really messed me up. The sunset is so early now.

Quickly I changed out of my frumpy cleaning clothes and into my regular people clothes, grabbed the bags of trash that was sitting idly by the front door and ran downstairs. I burst out my apartment building’s doors in search of the sunset. I made a quick pit stop at the dumpsters and then set out towards the faint beams of light coming from the west. I walked towards the student union and found myself staring at the most beautiful sunset that I have seen in a very long time.

I walked towards the explosion of colors that were smeared all around the horizon, as if God decided that he would try his hand at celestial finger painting. The thing about sunsets that are most tragic is that they are tenuous, here for but a minute before they slip away forever. What a concept. Isn’t that the whole point of life? That you are born into a joyous sunrise, grow with the shadows of the morning, overcome the battle from the heat of the day, and then slowly stretch with the shadows until you leave the world in a glorious and remarkable sunset?

I think it is.

I think that we are chasing sunsets.

Sunsets are our happily ever after, but instead of a prince we enjoy a blessed life filled with bumps, booboos, laughs, loves, wrinkles, books, and family.

This is a post that will serve as a reminder to myself that I need to set my inner light setting to sunset and watch the magic happen.

And, oh, the magic that will happen.



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