Home is a Four Letter Word

In the past two days I have had two major interviews. I have traveled hundreds of miles, by train and by car, to my familiar home, and to cities unknown. It has been overwhelming, terrifying, and wonderful all mashed up into a great experience. Interviewing is some seriously scary stuff. I redact my previous statement in which I stated that I wanted to be a grown up. I redact the following sentence. I do want to be a grown up. I would like more fun, flowers, and a little more money, though.

Even though these past few days have been excessively stressful and emotional, I am with my family and there is nothing better than that. Being able to come home for 5 days is just such a beautiful blessing. I get overwhelmed sometimes by being here. I am not as afraid of the world with my family around me. The only unfortunate part is that I still have homework and work to do. It is going to be tough going back to school and getting back into the swing of things.

They have ice cream bars at my house.

I eat rice and beans nearly everyday when I am at school, so this is basically paradise.


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