I Hate Arts and Crafts

Sometimes it seems like the biggest part of being an RA is doing silly arts and crafts. What else can we really do? We are not the police not by a long shot. We carry around binders and pens. Upon seeing us any criminal or ne’er do well would be shaking in their boots. Yes? False. I cannot even get my residents (who are not criminals) to talk to me.  I had my arms full of paper and cut outs and posters about campus events (no more please!) cursing just about anything that came in my path. What can I say, I’m a charmer.

I also received a sweet little package in the mail today. Behold! A GRE study book. Womp womp. I promised myself that I would study from the book about 2 hours a day until the day of my test. Since today was the first day and all I did exactly that. No. I did not. Why the hurry? We have just met and I do not want to rush into things, it gets too complicated. I spent a good deal of the evening with it close by so that it can become accustomed to my singing and dancing. I do both while I do my homework. Sometimes even in public. I have no shame. I am a senior in college which means I have lost any motivation to make people believe that I am normal.

Normal? Not by a long shot. I ate french toast for dinner today standing in my kitchen by the sink while I was watching 30 Rock. Then I ate a huge bowl of popcorn. I felt a little guilty about my choice for dinner but I do not feel like eating vegetables today. No, thank you. Whenever I question my food and/or life choices I think back to the stories that I read in Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” (awesome read). She used to excuse herself from dinner at a restaurant to go to Krispy Cream Donuts before they closed. At least my life decisions have not gotten to that point. Anyway, Tina Fey is awesome and she turned out just perfectly fine. She is strange, funny, and weird. That is exactly the kind of person that I am striving to be.

Also exciting about today is that I received my absentee ballot. I am a grown up don’t ya know. I cannot wait to break that baby out and get to line drawing. I am also super pumped that I will stop being harassed by people on campus wanting me to register to vote. I feel like I look like an older college student and question their reason behind targeting me. It’s probably because I make eye contact with people that I walk by. I try to smile at people as I walk by. It is all a part of this elaborate delusion that I am a main character in a charming romantic comedy. It is truly delusional. Side tracked to the max. They should be targeting the freshman. The lost souls. I got my stuff together, but thank you for checking on me middle aged woman who overzealously yells about voter registration while wildly waving her clipboard. I didn’t realize clipboards were still real.

There is so much to learn about the world.


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