Is Oatmeal a Carb?

Yesterday I started the day by crying after receiving an 85% on one of my major class projects because I am a well put together and quasi-grown up person. I will be honest, it was very silly. After all the hard work and overtime that I put into all of my classes and the enormous amount of other jobs/positions that I have, receiving a grade like that is like saying “we know that you have been busting your butt, so thanks and all that, but it just wasn’t good enough”. And to make matters worse it was a coloring assignment because I am a coloring major. False. I am a Psychology major who has near perfect grades. Coloring? In a women’s study class? B? They must not know who I am. They better grab their raincoats and umbrellas because there is a storm a coming.

In other news, last night I attempted to write a paper. I wrote about 500 words threw a temper tantrum and spent the rest of the night on pinterest. Student of the year award goes to… me! If there is one thing I know about writing is that it because an inhuman source of torture when you are not inspired or “in the mood”. That’s what it was for me last night. Plus, after spending almost 5 hours in the library studying words (words?!) and doing other assignments throughout the day, my brain was pretty pooped. I tried writing “childbearth” instead of “childbirth” and questioned why that angry little red squiggle kept on popping up under the word.

What I needed was a time out, the length of duration equal to my age, and then to watch a Disney movie or read a bed time story. No dessert for the rest of the week young lady.

Now I am contemplating whether I should take a shower or wait. Also, I am curious if the sun is up since I refuse to open my blinds and am sitting in an apartment that resembles more of a cave than an actual apartment.

While there was no real purpose in this post (I am sorry to not have a more exciting life, I was eating stale cheerios in the middle of my kitchen last night bee-bopping around) I just thought that I should share for my own intensive purposes so that one day, far in the future, when I cannot remember that I am married to Chris Hemsworth, I will have this little excerpt to know that, yes, indeed I was as weird and crazy as my 145 grandchildren tell me.

Today brings more excitement in the wonderful world of me with more studying (moving on to sentences! Can I get a what-what!) and that paper (…).  Also, I am meeting with one of my co-workers today to go over some details about our position. When he texted me about the meeting he used the word “perf”. I shuddered in disgust.

I ran out of oatmeal today. What am I supposed to eat now? Cereal? I can’t eat cereal, Karen, I’m on an all carb diet!

You are welcome for the “Mean Girls” reference.


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