Six Words

If I only had six words to describe my mood/life/what have you, what would those words be?

Fear nothing for you are loved.

Life gets scary at times (lots of times), but knowing that God or someone out there loves you brings such comfort.

I have began a new Bible reading plan. It spans six weeks and covers the subject of being fearless.

This site is wonderful in that you are able to choose what kind of topic you would like to read about and it breaks the readings down into manageable pieces.

To fear is to believe that there is a lack of love in your life.

What do I fear?

Failure, mostly.

The future and what it holds.

Not achieving my dreams.

The dark abyss that is sure to come after graduation (what do normal people do?)

Missing out on discovering my purpose in life because I do not feel brave.

The dark.

The list continues, but that does not stop me from putting my big girl pants on and setting out to take on the world each day, even if my stomach is filled with butterflies.



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