Faith is a Little Like Oatmeal

Waking up this morning was more like the awakening of the undead. I went to bed wearing fuzzy, warm socks and woke up, sans socks. Oh, the mysteries of the night. I decided to eat like a normal human being this morning instead of the nervous jittery individual that I usually am, fluttering about and such trying to get my life together before the day truly started.

On the menu was Apple Pie Oatmeal (because my apple obsession will clearly not subside until I absolutely overindulge in the crisp, sweet fruit). I followed the recipe that I had pulled up, mixing and whisking these ingredients, chopping and smashing those ingredients, until everything ended up in a small well-worn pot on the front burner of my stove. After correctly turning on the right burner (a grand feat, in my eyes) I waited for special things to happen. Delicious things.

The recipe called for the oatmeal to take about eight minutes to cook. So, like the good-natured, patient person that I claim to be I waited the whole eight minutes, stirring occasionally, of course. After what seemed like an eternity, I removed the fogged glass lid to find a pile of wet mush that was clearly not oatmeal. So I waited longer. I checked back every so often, praying that it all of the liquid had been absorbed and that I could finally eat.

My oatmeal was taking its sweet ol’ time. I began to curse the author of the recipe claiming that there must have been some mistake because this recipe will not work. “How ridiculous can this person be to actually believe that 1/3 cup of oats could absorb so much liquid in 8 minutes?”, I demanded. After my cursing and minute hissy fit, the oatmeal thickened up and was ready. I bitterly swallowed the angry words that I thought and apologized to the foodies everywhere for ever doubting their expertise.

As I was finishing dressing my oatmeal with the finest fixings I could not help but relate this (insipid) scenario to faith. Maybe faith is a little like oatmeal. You must be patient, hope for the best, and believe that the outcome will, in fact, be the one that is best for you. Sure, it will take time (longer than 8 minutes…) but waiting and believing that good things are going to come from your own recipe (a dash of you with a rounded cup of God. Mix well.) are the the purest elements that will combine to create something beautiful.

In the end, my oatmeal was one of the best creations, it just took some time.

In the end, I will be one of the best creations, it just takes some time.


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