I started today at 6am franticly because I forgot that I had to conduct an interview and the rest of the day seemed to follow suit. I spent most of my afternoon squirreled away in Starbucks reading about sentences (yes, sentences) wishing that some magically fairy would pop out of no where and catch me up completely. That did not happen. Yet.

I also ran into a bush today. Touche, bush. Touche. It was a fatal combination of it being Monday and my head always in the clouds.

I am in love with this moment for several reasons.

1. I am sitting down.

2. I have a steaming mug of chai tea within reach warming up my heart.

3. I am sitting down.

4. I ate apple butter and toast and successfully scattered crumbs all over the kitchen. Once the toast was gone I abandoned all self-control and started eating the apple butter right out of the jar.

5. It’s October! (Everyone is going coocoo banana crackers for pumpkin, apples are where the action is at!)

Every time I go to bed I think to myself “Oh, hey there. Great job on not loosing all of your marbles today! Here is an idea for a blog post, you know, since you claim to be a creative writer and such: (Enter creative idea here)”.

But then I go to sleep and it goes away. My brain must wash itself at night like a black board (do we still have those?) steadily erasing and wiping the craziness that I scrawl on it on the daily. Perhaps these ideas are not as great as I actually think that they are. Maybe they are just quasi good ideas as I fall asleep. Because, like everyone else, to get myself to fall asleep, I write in my head…

The best that I can offer you and myself right now because, let’s face it, it has been a hard day is a note to self. You are so welcome.

Note to self:

Dearest You,

Remember that computers are terrible things and that books will always be superior. Also, remember to scroll all the way down when checking things like your calendar so you do not have any surprises (like interviews that you almost missed… too soon?) and that you have enough time to have a good breakfast in the morning. Also, when your co-worker texts you at 2 am, this does not mean that you have to wake up. Actually, never fully wake up. Lastly, when you do get up at 2am to franticly check your other computer things because after messing up once you have fully convinced yourself that everything else is all out of sorts, the bathroom does not smell like brownies, nor did your roommate bake brownies. You have a vanilla air freshener in there. Vanilla. You know, the opposite of chocolate. Close call though.


Dearest Me.


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