Prudent: wise or judicious in practical affairs; sagacious; discreet or circumspect; sober.

Synonyms:1.  sensible. 2.  economical, thrifty, frugal.

I have always known that the word “prudent” has a less than favorable connotation. After studying for the GRE this summer, I had the chance to see the actual definition of the word. I like this word. I fit into this word. To me, this word is not snobbish or will not define a “wet blanket” so to speak. It seems to me that this word describes someone who is level-headed and who is not swayed by the popular thought of a group. It defines an individual who steadfastly holds onto his or her beliefs.

Yesterday, at a tailgate before the football game, I could have been described as a “prude”. Upon entering the tent area and seeing a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and the dozen or so of-age college students guzzling them down with gusto, I could already begin to feel myself become uncomfortable. I do not know what it is about alcohol that makes me uncomfortable and I honestly thought that I would not be bothered by it yesterday. But I was. It had more to do with the drinking for the purpose of becoming drunk rather than to enjoy each other’s company with an alcoholic beverage. More emphasis on the booze, less on the people and, most importantly, the game.

For a good amount of time I stood in the corner of the tent with my water bottle (filled with actual water) eating pumpkin snickerdoodles. I felt so awkward and so bored. Such insipid and vacuous conversations were going on, including girls who spoke a few notches above everyone else so that they could get attention from already drunk boys (it was 4:00 in the afternoon…).

I did have one conversation with an almost drunk guy about the psychology of money, which was a pretty nice conversation. We were both interested in people and how they work and he asked me for suggestions about psychology to take next semester. I liked him for the most part until later in the game when, after spending I can not even imagine how much money on beer inside the stadium, he was slumped over in his chair. He was crossed off the cool list, needless to say.

What makes me so different from everyone my age? It seems like so many people are solely interested in drinking. I will drink, but I will not do it in a public place just to gain attention from guys to demonstrate that I am a “fun girl”. No thank you. I am a fun girl, without the red solo cup in my hand.

It frustrates me when the loudest girls,  who pay more attention to the beer in their hand then to the game on the field, are the ones who get asked out. Am I just invisible? Perhaps theses guys are after these girls for immoral intentions? Nevertheless, I was incredulous as to the scenes that I saw.

Next game I will probably take the bus and meet my friends at the stadium. I do not think that I will be missed at the tailgate, nor do I think that they will miss me.


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