Oh my stars. On Tuesday I skipped posting because I had other matters to attend to. My sister came into town to go with me to a Florence and the Machine concert. It was the most magical time. We were both so nervous that something would go wrong and some tiny fluke would throw all of our plans off. It went of smashingly!

I love my sister to death so sharing this experience with her was incredibly special. We chatted and giggled while waiting outside the concert venue like she had always been there. At the concert with my sister and my favorite band I felt like I had the entire world with me. My friends ask me how I enjoyed the concert and while it is difficult to put into words just what my experience was, I usually say that it was magical. Because it truly was.

I know that memories fade and that some day I will not be able to close my eyes and see Florence and feel the chill that crept all over my body when I first heard her perform. My heart leaps whenever I hear the fairy-like tinkling that is the opening of her song “Only if For a Night”. During the concert, this is what we heard as the concert hall was dark and filled with the nervous energy of we fanaticals as we waiting for Florence to appear. Her silhouette was the only thing that we could see on stage and then she emerged and it was the most greatest moment of my life.

I became choked up when I first saw her. I know that sounds like a crazy person thing. But seeing her perform really was a dream come true. I idolize her and her childlike innocence and faith that she has in the world. I know that she started from nothing and became an amazing singer. I too am nothing right now and seeing her success really speaks to me.

I have listened to Florence and the Machine in some of the darkest times in my life. When my heart was broken and I felt like my world was crumbling all around me, I sought her music. As the demons tortured me that dreadful night not allowing me to sleep, I plugged my headphones in my ears and cranked her music up. Repeatedly I told myself not to think, just listen to the lyrics. Eventually I fell asleep and made it through the most terrible of nights in my life. Her song “Shake it Out” was the inspiration for this blog and for getting over that terrible guy. It is hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake it out.

My sister and I are very close and I truly believe that our love of Florence and the Machine only brings us closer. She was so grateful that I bought her ticket and invited her to go with me. She was the only person on the planet that I wanted next to me. We clung to each other if we got overwhelmed with emotion and we held each other’s hands as we jumped to the music. It was such a beautiful experience.

I miss my sister so much it hurts. I cried throughout the day yesterday after she left. I wish we had more time together. I wish I could be a bigger part of her life. But at least I gave her the chance to see Florence and we both vowed never to miss another tour of our dear FATM.


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