Sweet Freedom

I am finally no longer on duty. No more bulky phone attached to my pants. No more name tags. No more walking around the dorms at all hours of the night. Freedom!

I had originally planned for today to be rather relaxing. I pictured myself sitting at the outside cafe area of Starbucks enjoying some sort of hot beverage and reading a book. Or knitting. Neither of those things happened. Instead I had a freshman guy flirt with me, holed myself in the library, and later in the evening, picked up trash around the dorms as a part of the beautification program I have been forced to participate in.

I really tried to have a beautiful and relaxing Sunday evening, but life had other plans for me.

I am getting mentally prepared for this week and am also getting excited for the great things to come!

My beautiful sister is coming to visit me on Tuesday and I can hardly wait to see her! We always have the best times together. I have no idea what we talk about but we always laugh super hard. I love getting to show her around campus. Over the summer they built a park at my university and it has bench swings! So super exciting. We are most definitely going to have a swing date.

On top of my sister coming to see me, or rather, the reason behind my sister coming to see me is the Florence and the Machine concert.

I. can. not. wait.

I think that I will probably cry when Florence Welch gets on stage in some amazing getup. It really will be a dream come true to see her perform live. Sharing this experience with my sister is going to be so awesome. It needs to hurry up and be Tuesday already!

This is a note to self.

Dear Self,

Sometimes you may get weary, and young girls they do get weary. Not to steal the lines from Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness”, but these sentiments are just what I am experiencing. Weariness. It is ugly and it makes me feel ugly. My eyes have bags under them and dark circles. I look like a blond John Mayer. You are not your weariness. Be forewarned, this weariness is probably the cause of your anxiety and your worry. Do not worry. Get some rest and be tender with yourself. Eat good foods, drink plenty of water, pray, laugh, stretch,breathe. Do anything it takes to rejuvenate yourself so that you will be prepared to dazzle the world.

Love yourself.


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