To Me, It’s Still the 21st

My day started at 6am and is continuing with the lovely RA job. This means that technically I have not missed a day in my posting, you are just looking at it wrong. Clearly we are all going by my crazy internal clock instead of the rational clock that everyone else is a slave to.

Oh, how I long to go to sleep. My eyelids are drooping. My co-worker and I can barely have coherent conversations as we check the dorms for activities of ne’er do wells.

I will do my absolute best to put together a suitable post. Pull it together woman.

So, I have been blessed to come across a variety of different blogs that I browse daily. Some are fashion centered, some are food centered, some are God centered, and some are just whatever centered, ponderings of the universe and beyond. I love reading these blogs because they inspire me to:

1. Write

2. Write creative posts

3. Implement some of the messages of their posts to my own life.

4. There are more reasons, but I feel as if my face has been kicked by a horse I am so tired right now.

I have already mentioned a few of the articles that really touched me in regards to relationships and happy living spaces in this very blog. Another recurring theme among, what seems to be, all bloggers is our love for lists. Man, do I love a good list. I love a bad list too. If I can check things off, count me in.

This is something that I have not included in my blog yet, but will be doing so right this very moment. That is, a gratitude list. What are you grateful for? What made your heart happy today?

So, in my zombie state, here is my gratitude list of the day:

I am grateful for:

1. My being able to work with such an amazing group of intelligent women as a research assistant for a body image research lab.

2. My co-workers left me some nice, up-lifting notes in my mailbox. They know how to make me smile.

3. I cleaned my apartment. Now, I skipped cleaning last weekend and I felt all off balanced this past week. I feel much better now that it has been cleaned and am grateful that I can afford to buy cleaning supplies or even afford to worry about cleaning when there could be so much more to worry about.

4. My safe journey in running errands today. With crossing multiple roads and taking the bus, things can get pretty crazy.

5. I was carrying out my laundry to the laundry room, struggling with a huge, lumpy pink hamper when a young man went out of his way to open the laundry room door for me. It was so nice!

6. I received compliments on my glasses this evening. The gratitude comes not from having nifty glasses, but from being able to afford to wear glasses and have my vision needs met.

7. My meeting with my thesis mentors went extremely well!

8. The weather seems to be cooling down just a bit.

9. I am on duty with my good friend and former co-worker this weekend. It’s lovely to be around her!

10. I am grateful for the little text messages my mom sends me šŸ™‚

What a beautiful life.

Now, I have some apartment cleaning to do such as last minute dishes (because I got hungry after dinner and caused myself a whole new mess).

I am going to embrace my bed as soon as I possibly can and not stop until I am good and ready.


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