The Little Things

I believe that I have made some minor changes to my life that have made such a huge impact. Never in my life have I ever felt so wonderful each day. Even though I get stressed and mutter uncontrollably on the inside, which makes me look like a crazy person, I know that under it all I am just a laugh, a quick phone call, or one song away from revealing that better mood.

I originally wrote just the latter half of this post but as I abandoned my desk to find cookies in the kitchen (don’t judge me) I thought to myself “is that how I want to remember today?”. Talking about how tired I am and how I am really looking forward to jumping into bed and (hopefully) immediately falling into a coma, is not what today is. Not at all.

So here is a compilation of my daily little quirks that I complete that make each and every day just a smidge better:

  1. I read the newspaper. No. That’s not right. I greedily read the newspaper. My University has free newspapers available for students, including the New York Times and USA Today. Every morning I literally, and I mean literally, run for the distribution boxes to pick up a newspaper that I read throughout the day. I feel more connected to the world! Plus, since I kept up with the news I was able to have my voice heard on a topic through a letter to the editor for my University’s newspaper.
  2. I run. Well. Maybe not this week. But somehow I am able to run 3-4 miles in one workout for about 30-40 minutes. Never in my life have I been able to do that! It is such a challenge and such a reward. My fastest mile is 9 minutes 22 seconds. My future self probably laughs. She is most likely a marathon runner.
  3. I laugh. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with my Mom, sometimes by myself when I am getting poured on in a random thunderstorm. And especially whenever I see my ex-boyfriend. He always looks so frowny. Whatsa matta mista grumpy face? Also, at my staff meeting last week I did an impression of Obama and Clinton. It was much appreciated.
  4. I read the Bible. Even if I only devote 10 minutes out of my morning to doing so, I think that it makes a big impact. Sometimes all we need is a little reflection.
  5. I quasi-cook. This is because I steal, ahem, take what is rightfully mine from the dining halls and then cook it in my apartment. It’s like grocery shopping. Except I don’t pay for anything and am always making sure that the managers don’t spot me.
  6. I drink coffee. No. Rather, I indulge in coffee. I take the time to make it in my French press each and every morning. It may take a little more effort than a regular coffee machine, but this way I feel more hands on.
  7. I eat peanut butter. I love this stuff and I can’t seem to ever get enough of it. So it makes my heart happy.
  8. I call my family. Sometimes it’s a quick hello, sometimes it’s a long talk. Whether by phone, facebook, skype, or texting it’s nice to keep in touch.
  9. I keep my room super neat. This is the first time that I have ever felt like my dorm is actually my home. It’s a nice feeling.
  10. I breathe. Whenever life seems to get too overwhelming I just take a breath and think of something lovely. Maybe the end scene of “Say Anything” (I would marry John Cusak tomorrow if he wanted), maybe a puppy, maybe that hilarious sketch from SNL. Good thoughts and sweet air in, bad thoughts and yukkity yucks out.


Now for our feature presentation.


I am proud to say that it is nearly 8:30pm and I am on my way to bed.

I’m looking at it right now.

My bed, that is.

I can’t wait to crawl under 500,000 layers of blankets with a hoodie, cute pajama bottoms, and, most likely, fuzzy socks.

The dishes are done.

My homework is as done as it is going to be tonight.

The e-mails have been returned.

This young lady deserves some shut eye.


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