Good Morning

I actually woke up this morning a human. No zombies could be found anywhere. With all of this spunky energy (I’m halfway through my second cup of coffee already, cast your judgment aside) I could not wait to spend some time writing this morning. This morning my university is going to be featured on the Today Show. You have to understand that I am not a huge fan of the Today Show, especially the segment with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb. Not a fan. Sadly, that is the segment in which they will be showing my university. I just don’t understand the point of what they talk about, usually the two ladies are just talking over each other about some nonsense like celebrity gossip or how much wine that they had last night. It’s fascinating, but also a wee bit terrifying. I will not be tuning in this morning, mostly because I do not have a television, not because I am making a statement.

Anyways, I love thinking about morning news shows after watching “Morning Glory”. I love that movie! It never seems to get old. It’s also so inspiring. Sometimes when I am running around campus like a mad woman I think to myself “I’m having a ‘Morning Glory’ day”. It makes me smile knowing that with perseverance I can make the grumpy old man cooperate and fall in love with that cute journalist. I have neither a grumpy old man in my life nor a cute journalist, but it is something that I am working on. I do have some tough jobs and a very similar work ethic as the heroine of the film.

I am really loving making lists, so watch out because here comes another one.

Take away notes from “Morning Glory”:

1. Be a hard worker. Becky Fuller puts in countless hours each and every day for her work. She works overtime all the time, really.

2. Manage people in creative ways. Not everyone that you work with is going to be a bucketful of fun. The people that you work with might go at it on a daily basis. Knowing how to work with them and how to mediate them is not only going to smooth some of their conflicts, but it makes your life easier too.

3. Prioritize. What we see happen to Becky Fuller is her struggle to maintain her work and her personal life. Who doesn’t struggle with this? When you are working and you feel so close to achieving something wonderful, it is hard to step back and reflect on your life. I deal with this all of the time. Sometimes it’s not a matter of achieving one before the other, but finding a job and a social life that allows you to be the crazy hard worker and your own person at the same time.

4. Find that boyfriend that allows you to be the crazy woman that you are. In the film Becky Fuller’s boyfriend is upset by her constant working, which is understandable. I think that a significant other should see the potential that you have and step aside so that you can achieve it.

5. Eat a frittata. Now this may not have been one of the main themes of the film, nevertheless it is quite an important part of life for several reasons. Firstly, they are tasty and nutritious. Secondly, they are fun to say. Thirdly, they represent the food and the culture of places that may be foreign to you, the ones that you are always meaning to try but never get the chance. Who cares if the dough is fried or it is loaded with calories. Eat it to say that you have eaten it. It may pay off in the end with talking about it with a potential employer/friend/ significant other.

6. Watch people on roller coasters. Just for laughs.

7. Wear pink high heels at your job interviews.

8. Stay on top of the news. You may not have to wake up at 3am like Becky Fuller, but there is no excuse not to know what is going on in the world. Last time I checked you are a big part of the world.

9. Be enthusiastic about the work that you do. Get overly excited for the good things that happen in your job or your life. You deserve to relish in some of the great things that you have worked for. That spirit will make all of the difference in what some consider a job and what others consider a career.

10. Never give up. Even if your Mom tells you that your dreams are elementary and that your boss does not believe in your abilities, be confident that those words and those sources of discouragement are not debilitating. Pick yourself up by the bootlaces and get to getting.


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