When Your Pink Pants Get Wet

I set out this morning a woman ready to take on the world. Mother Nature had the same idea, and since the world is, apparently, not large enough for the both of us, she knocked my on my butt with a torrential downpour. As I was crossing what seemed to be an infinitely long parking lot in order to get into my building to tutor, it rained even harder. I could do nothing but laugh as I felt the puddles lap at my ankles, the sheets of rain pound against my back, and my shoes filled with the fallen rain. My pink pants were partly wet giving them a strange ombre look. Let’s hope everyone thought that was the look I was going for. So I sat there in my tutoring area, jeans slick and stuck to my skin, my feet bare with my shoes stuffed with paper towels in the hopes that it would help dry them faster. No such luck.

Even though today had a rough start, weather wise, I cannot help but enjoy the life that I live. Yes, it is frantic and hectic and I hardly have a moment to myself, but I truly love it. I was reminiscing today at lunch (I had chicken and rice soup with a side of toast, perfect combination for a rainy day) about how much I like what I do. Even though I am not sure of what I accomplish or what I really do. All I really seem to do is read textbooks and answer e-mails. Somewhere in the mess of my days I find pleasure, and I think that it does nothing to question why, we should just accept it.

Last night I spoke about my uncertainty of the future. While I still have some reservations about my future, I know that decisions do not have to be made now and that I am putting in the time and the effort to have some sort of plan after graduation. The old adage is that to make God laugh, tell him your plans. He must be busting a gut with all of the planning that I am doing.

I really wish that I could just change into some sweat pants and call it a day and just eat toast and read.

Life is too short not to eat toast at every opportunity.

The life blesson today that I will refer to in the future is that even though you have wet pink pants, you can still have a lovely day. It’s not about what your pants look like, it’s about how you, your face, looks in those pants. It makes sense. Just think about it.

Off to class, RA job shenanigans, and homework (maybe?).



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