Future Reflections

This morning, after losing a battle with the alarm clock, I arose from my bed, hair sticking out at science fiction angles, funky striped socks bunched at my ankles, and very bleary eyed. I had a comatose sleep last night. At about 9:30pm last night I said to myself “that’s enough, it’s time for bed”. While the inner control freak reviewed the list of things that I had to do that day, which was impossible to accomplish, I simply ignored it. Grumpy inner voice: 0, Me: 1.

Although waking up was not gracious or lovely, the morning was. I indulged in an apple butter latte, my own creation! I also spent a good amount of time reading the Bible. For the past two days I have abandoned my usual routine of reading scriptures in the morning, each day promising myself that I would do it later. Perhaps that is why I have felt so off-balanced these past few days. After reading and reflecting I am sure that is exactly what was missing. My soul feels fuel, when after running on empty for two days is nothing short of blissful.

The tribulations in my life are just specks of dust that get in my eye. Nothing bigger, nothing smaller. How have I forgotten such a fact?

I feel as though I have begrudged so many of my daily tasks instead of enjoying them. I have even seen it as a chore to write and that is simply just a crime. This morning I embraced the sleepy head ache that I had, the itchy mosquito bites on my legs, the latte I made, the delicious breakfast that I ate, my morning Bible reading, and am looking forward to learning from my homework today.

There is so much beauty in the world. Always. No matter how tired, grumpy, or estranged I am.

I am feeling God’s grace this morning and come to him as a child at his feet. When I do, I feel Him closer than ever. I feel an inner warmth that feels just like being hugged by your most precious friends and family members.

For the future, I will reflect on this notion, to come to Him when I feel as though I do not have the spare moment in a busy day.

The sun has risen, my heart has as well.

I am ready for the day and for an adventure of some sort!

My good friend, Hayley, who is also an RA, and I are going to a soccer game tonight šŸ™‚ Go team!

For my mother, who is my only reader, we are probably going to dinner together before the game. She asks me what I am doing for dinner almost every time we talk on the phone, tonight I actually have an answer for you.

Sending a heart full of love through this cosmic void that we call the internet in the hopes that it will spark a fire in another’s heart.





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