The Bad Hair Day Attitude

I did not like my hair this morning. I did not like it, Sam I am.

I did not like it in a bun, I did not like it in a braid.

Well that was a fun attempt at being witty at this late hour (which is not even that late).

I am quite certainly pooped with a capital “P” right now.

I woke up today not mentally prepared for the day. I was down right grumpy.

If there was a right side of the bed to wake up on, clearly I missed the mark.

I had a sleepless night (again). Which did not help, at all.

After battling a quasi-cold (I’m not sure what is going on with me right now), working for a major chunk of the day, breaking my watch, smearing lotion all over my dress, staining my dress with the juice from the orange that I was eating, cutting myself under my nail (which made eating that orange incredibly painful), going to class (boo), attending a research assistant meeting (yay!), grabbing a little dinner, making sure that my residents a) got the right form to move off of my floor (I am not offended, they are just missing out on fabulous me) b) had access to the internet after a lengthy battle with the housing department c) scolded the international students to stop smoking in their rooms, and finally eating dinner before throwing myself into some last minute studying.

While all of this was not fun, it truly does not matter. Each and every part of my day may not have felt like a blessing, but I know that it was there. Deep down. Hiding in the dark. Right? Yes.

Tomorrow I get a new chance on starting the day right (hopefully with better luck in the hair department).

It will be a simple day and I will be sure to

1. pray

2. take care of myself (i.e. destroy the quasi cold)

3. run/exercise

4. buy coffee at starbucks (can’t wait!)

5. spend a grand amount of hours at the library (it has been refurbished which means I never want to leave it)

6. go to my amusing classes (last class my social psychology professor said the word “sexy” to describe death)

7. blog (hopefully something more put together and more thoughtful than this)

8. do scary things like send in my teach for america references and pay my tuition (gulp)

9. i will most likely eat a cookie

10. read (the news, the student newspaper, my new book that I am reading, the Bible, anything. rather, everything!)


Here is to a good day, productive and challenging at best.

Here is to a good night, hopefully no one smokes in their room tonight…


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