My Best Friend is Jane Austen

So I have been reading the memoirs of Jane Austen and here are some of my reflections:

1. She should have just wrote about her life and it would have been probably the greatest love story ever. I mean, she almost falls to her death and a handsome, rich, stranger catches her and returns her to safety. Hello romance.

2. She is funny. Has such a witty temperament and is sarcastic.

3. In her mother’s statement that she has no choice in the matter of marriage, Jane replies: “Choice is all we do have. If I ever marry, it will be for love. Deep, true, passionate love, built on respect, esteem, friendship, and a meeting of the minds. Never, never for economic security”.

4. She loves to write, as do I. Neither of us know why. Sometimes it just feels like I have too much inside of me that I need to let some of it out. I cannot sing, play an instrument, or draw, but I can create something lovely with words.

5. She is a hopeless romantic and lived a happy life as such.

It is just a lovely tale and I am so thrilled to have purchased this book for .50 cents.

In other news, God is challenging me once again. He has rewarded me with becoming a site leader for a volunteer mission through my university that focuses on youth and education. While my free hours during the weeks are becoming less and less, these opportunities, I believe, are directing me to become the person that I was born to be. I know that I am strong enough, with God, to handle all that I have on my plate this semester. It will be a lot and I know that it will be tough. But, oh how it will be so worth it in the end. Every frustrated staff meeting, every late night, every disappointment, every success, every weary thought, every break through is molding me into something bigger, something greater, something that God wants me to become.

I am a jittery bag of nerves this morning with all that I have on my plate. I need to take a breath and realize that, hey today is not as hard as it seems, that I can finish today with a smile, and that being busy is my happiness. So, inhale and exhale and then smile. Repeat throughout the day. Easy as that. Facile comment bonjour.

Today is mine.


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