Crazy Pipes

I almost forgot to post today! How forgetful I am becoming in my old age. Here are just a few updates in my life (please use a news caster’s voice to read that…)

  1. The pipes in the ceiling above and/or in the walls of my apartment are going a little crazy.
  2. I ran 6 miles today like a crazy person. It took about an hour. I had to pray through the whole thing.
  3. I am continuing to work on my Teach for America application dun dun dun
  4. My RA from freshman year and I are going to get fro yo tomorrow! She wants my help in deciding her life choices. I’m not sure if I am the one to go to. I’m pretty sure that I am still set on the idea that, if I fail at everything in life, I can move to France and become a scullery maid. We’ll see how that goes.
  5. This is for my mother who thinks that I don’t eat enough: tonight for dinner I had a grilled chicken breast, beets (my favesies), couscous, and fruit salad. Then I had yogurt and frozen raspberries. Then I had honey nut cheerios. So yeah, I think I ate a fine amount of food this evening.
  6. My room smells like a wet dog. I think it is from my nasty running clothes.
  7. Instead of writing the word “clothes” in the previous sentence I wrote “close”. Close but no guitar.
  8. Instead of working on more homework I skyped my sisteer. Best decision.
  9. I really would like a cookie right now.
  10. The other day one of my residents, who happens to be from Russia and has a fantastic Russian accent, commented on my ducky socks. They are literally socks that are knitted to look like a duck. Tail and all. Anyway, he said “Cute socks Rachel. I like the duckies.” I promise that this is amusing. Use your imagination.



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