High Hopes, Big Prayers

I flew out of bed this morning at 6am to check on my application status for the Teach for America position. Sadly, I have to wait until after 6pm to find out. That feels almost like torture. I’m trying to be patient and know that whether I know now or later that the decision will be the same. But I really want to know right now. Thank you, instant gratification generation.

It’s funny I am going so bonkers of this. I can literally amuse myself , which is a talent that I hold near and dear to my heart. Anyway, it is in times like these that I reach out and pray to God. “Please please please please God let me get this job”. That’s where I, and most people, slip up. God has planned out whether or not I get this job since he first created me. If I am not chosen for this teaching position, then that means I simply have not found where God wants and/or needs me to be. It does not in any way mean failure.

Even though I have woken up uber early just to check on my application, I will continue to enjoy my time this morning. I have expressed how much I love the mornings. I love waking up before the sun and then watching the gentle rays stretch and bend through my blinds, inviting some but not all of the day into my boudoir. My feet propped up on my dresser (or desk, depending on how classy I am feeling at the time) snuggled in funky striped socks that clash ever so quirkily with my star patterned pajama bottoms. A mug of coffee steaming and a bowl of deliciousness (usually oatmeal) are never too far out of my reach. It is blissful.

No matter what the day holds for me, I know that I will be successful in my very own way and that I will enjoy the little difficulties and that stressing out over silly things (like RA flyers…) is not worth my time or the grey hairs that are to come.



I have started on my “21 things” (kind of). Even though I have not finished writing down all 21 of my goals…


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