First Steps

My first steps of this glorious new semester are going to be leaps of faith. You know, those grand jumps that are only scary if you take your eyes off the goal. Never mind the boiling lava beneath you when you are air born, instead keep your head held high and know that you will stick the dismount. A perfect 10.

I could barely sleep last night, a mixture of nerves and excitement for today. While I only have one class today, I know that I already have a lot on my plate. This can be overwhelming, but I have decided that what was most important was enjoying today for all that it is worth. Enjoying and having fun at my interview that is coming up in about 30 minutes (the joys of living on campus is that you can really never be late for anything since you can walk anywhere on campus in about 15 minutes). I also have a meeting that I am not looking forward to regarding my thesis. I know that it is just the fear of the unknown that is worrying me, otherwise I am happy as a clam.

Of course I have to go to my class this afternoon, which I am excited for! But still, I get a little nervous going into a new environment. It will all be wonderful in the end and I’m sure that I will learn so much, as always.

Today I get to go to my first yoga class of the semester! That will help me with some unwinding. Nothing says relaxation like twisting yourself into a shape akin to a loopy Auntie Annie’s Pretzel.

I think that this day is already lovely.


I’ll just have to remember to bring an umbrella.




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