les matins

I am pretty sure that I spend too much time in my pajamas…

I love to sit in the morning and am sad when it slips away from me. A lovely cup of coffee and something beautiful to read, sprinkled with the hope and joy that a new day brings is my daily morning recipe. Unfortunately, I will no longer be so leisurely with my mornings since classes are starting on Monday.


There is so much to do today (as always!). There is a tropical storm coming. Which means that us college students are crossing our fingers for classes to be cancelled. If not for the resident assistant position, I would have had no clue that there was a storm out there. College life sometimes becomes your entire reality. I suppose that I should get supplies? I’ll have to ask my mom. Moms always know these kinds of things.

I mentioned that I love reading something beautiful in the morning, and while this is not exactly reading, it is still beautiful in its own regard.



I believe that I am going to memorize this poem. For the sole purpose of holding onto something lovely.


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