Where there is love…

Finish the phrase for yourself. Maybe there is life fits today or there is joy. I have never felt more love than these past few weeks. I do not believe that it is because I did not have the love of my friends and peers, but because I felt closed off to mostly everyone. I have an inexplicable joy in my soul. Every morning feels like laughter, and every night swallows me in a great big bear hug. The afternoons are more lovely. My tiny apartment is so cozy and home like. My roommate and I sat in the living room this morning and drank coffee together. How fun!

Last night I was able to help two of my residents with some problems that they were having with their room. I also got a call from my co-worker. This guy makes my heart melt. I wish I could adopt him as my little brother. It means so much to me that he reaches out to me for help. When we were about to hang up he wished me a “blessed night”. It’s the little things.


So, basically, I have a lovely roommate! Yesterday she told me that she went to the gym and loved the feeling after a good work out. I was so envious of that feeling, even though the only thing stopping me of having that same feeling was myself. This morning I got my butt up and went to the gym and enjoyed a run. It was nice to see that I still have some running mojo in me after taking such a long time off. I believe that I am going to continue working on it and one day, I will fall in love with it ♥

Last night I ran into a guy that I knew from my sophomore year of school. There is quite a long back story to us. Back in the day we had a thing for each other, but that came to an end when he stood me up for a lunch date. Womp womp. I was livid, but hopefully came off somewhat gracious. I believe that I dropped the f-bomb once…

Anyways, as we passed each other he actually said hello to me. Small victory for me! I say that because I believe that he has seen me all through RA training, seen me loved by so many people, that I am now on his “radar” so to speak again. I have no hard feelings towards him.  But if he thinks that he is going to make another lunch date with me, he has another think coming.

I am so excited for today! It is the opening season of volleyball at my university! I am sporting my college colors all today with great pride! The best part is that I got my coworkers to want to bring their residents to the game, hopefully we will pack the stands and cheer our ladies onto victory.

We also have a tradition at my university in which the local Target opens late just for our students. Um, hello? Target after hours! Special discounts and there is a dance floor randomly placed in the store. Being in college is so awesome. So awesome.


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