First Day Jitters

Today was the first day that residents were allowed back on campus! While I am excited to meet my residents, I can’t help but feel a little nervous about it as well. I don’t know if they will like me or that if my programs will be successful. I am a returning RA but my previous experience as an RA is one that does not transfer to this year. I do not believe that I can simply do whatever I did last year and that it will bring me success this year because I am dealing with people and no two people are exactly the same.

Praying for strength and guidance through this whole “get to know you” period.

Also, I met my roommate today! I hope that we can become good friends or at least get along well and not drive each other crazy πŸ™‚

Classes are right around the corner and every year, without fail, I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about the first day of classes. What will I wear. Packing up my school supplies. The slight fear and excitement of taking all new courses. This is the real kicker: being a senior. This will be my last fall semester of my senior year! I love the fall semester, so much more than the spring semester. I love the sports and the temperature. By the spring semester I am just fed up with college and desperately crave something more substantial to eat than just peanut butter.

A while back I had mentioned an article about happy living in an apartment. One of the things that the article recommended was to list a thing that made you happy that day. I believe today what made me happy was so small but so lovely. I was watching tv out in the lounge area of my apartment building and I flipped to a channel that was playing “The French Chef” with Julia Child. I am such a huge fan of Julia Child, her spirit, her determinateness, and, most of all, her taste! So as the rain pitter pattered against the windows and my residents were unpacking, I sat there in awe of this woman and her show. Watching Mrs. Child make omelettes and hearing her speak French as the world melted away. C’est la vie.

Tomorrow brings another day!

Hopefully I can interact with my residents and roommate a little more. It’s hard to make friends when it is your job πŸ™‚


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