Your Deck of Cards

All of my posts this week have been related to RA training. And that is probably because I literally have no time for anything else.

I wake up, eat, sleep, breathe, eat again, ice break, all day long.

Today we had diversity training. Whenever I say diversity training I think of the office. That show is so wonderful.

Anyways, one of the activities that we had to do for diversity training was to make a pack of cards to symbolize the hand that you are dealt when you come into this world. Then we were to pair up and explain our hand with someone else for 5 minutes while the other individual sat in complete silence.

I shared things with my staff that I have never shared with even some of my closest friends. I spoke openly about my struggles with body image, extreme diets, and not feeling good in my own skin. I think that actually inviting people in to see my struggles opened their eyes to seeing a whole new side to me that I would not normally show off. I like to think of myself as strong and would hate to admit weakness to myself, let alone another individual.

Talking about my body image issue was a first for me. I have dealt with this problem since I was in the fifth grade (because when you are 5’5″ and 10 years old you can feel a little self-conscious).

Knowing that my staff listened to me empathetically and did not treat me any differently felt wonderfully. I opened up. That was also wonderful and probably is my happy moment of the day.

I also made cocoa peanut butter oatmeal. That was yummy 🙂

I’m still working on my body image, but I know that I have people out there who love me just because I am me.

The girl who listens to French music and enjoys the comedic stylings of Kevin Heart.

C’est moi 🙂



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