A Renaissance

So winds down the days of summer. This time of year is always exciting in its unique way. I consider it my true new year, instead of the one that is massively celebrated somewhere between dusk on December 31st and dawn January 1st. I am going into my last year in undergraduate studies so maybe this will be the last time feeling a sense of wonder and amazement in the air. Maybe that just comes from all of the office supplies that are on sale this time of year too. I love office supplies.

Nevertheless, this is my renaissance time. Gone are the days of metaphorical plagued ridden vermin crawling around my metaphorically destitute life. In place of that pathetic scenario is my grand masterpiece; the hope and the drive to shape, mold, shade, and construct something beautiful. I am Michelangelo and this is my Sistine Chapel. My life will literally have cherubs in it.

While there is so much to look forward to, there is much to reflect upon these past few months of summer. Things like…

I ran. A lot. My longest run was ten miles.
I traveled to lovely London and picturesque Paris.













I studied for the GRE. Listen to this: prurient, punctilious, pulchritudinous.
I learned how to knit. Cute socks will be in my near future.
I renewed my faith.
I read (get ready for this) mostly because my lovely Aunt sent me a book list:
American Gods
Anansi Boys
A Moveable Feast
The Paris Wife
Les Miserables
Tender is the Night
Sophie’s Choice
Ape House
Pillars of the Earth
Skinny Dip
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Size 12 and Ready to Rock (pardon my chick lit)

I made borscht. It’s delicious.
I bought tickets to see Florence and the Machine in concert.

The list is truly endless and truly beautiful.

All of the excitement and happiness that comes from this time of the year does not help make packing any easier. It is a pain. In the derriere. Even so, I managed to pack all of my wardrobe into a single suitcase. I’m very proud of myself.

I have two boxes filled with children’s books to bring to school with me. Why? For amazing things.

Tomorrow’s mission is to pack the tiny car with all of my things, taking care to leave room enough for my mom, my sister, and me to sit.

Bonne nuit mes amis.


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